Online Advising

Online Advising

If you are unable to come to a Central Piedmont campus, you can contact the online advisor for advising, program changes, and other detailed questions related to program and course advising.

During campus closures as a result of the coronavirus situation, all on-campus advisors are still responding to student inquiries normally addressed in person. Learn how to contact academic advising.

The Online Advisor

The online advisor can only advise you on Central Piedmont course and Central Piedmont program matters, such as “Which classes do I take next for my program?” and “I need to change my program.” Contact the Central Piedmont Information Center for direction on anything that is not related to Central Piedmont program or course advising. You can also find many resources on the Current Students dashboard.

Please thoroughly and carefully review the information on this page to see if it can answer your question before contacting the online advisor. If you cannot come to a Central Piedmont campus for advising and this page does not address your inquiry, you will find forms on this page to contact the online advisor for more detailed questions related to program and course advising.

  • What the Online Advisor Cannot Help You With

    The Central Piedmont online advisor cannot:

    • provide semester-by-semester planning or counseling
    • help you make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor or counselor on campus
    • help you enroll at the college
    • provide detailed information about which courses will transfer to other institutions' degrees, whether bachelor's, master's, or doctorate. We cannot advise on courses to take for programs other than a Central Piedmont degree, diploma, or certificate program. If you are a visiting student, contact an academic advisor at your own college or university to find out which Central Piedmont courses will transfer back to fulfill your degree requirements. If you want to transfer courses you take at Central Piedmont to a North Carolina four-year college, contact the Transfer Resource Center.
    • verify that campus offices have received transcripts or other forms. When your transcript is received, you will receive an email notification in your Central Piedmont student email account.
    • answer inquiries related to financial aid, scholarships or any other type of aid
    • provide specialized counseling for visiting students, students with disabilities, transfer students, or students requiring mental health counseling. Contact Counseling Services, the Transfer Resource Center, or Disability Services as needed.
    • help with or verify state residency information
    • help you register for a course that is full
    • discuss grade changes, assignments, or any other class-related issues/inquiries. Review course catalog policies and procedures for this information.
    • tell you which courses are currently available to register for
  • Contact the Online Advisor

    The online advisor supports you through email after you complete the online advising form. So that the advisor can best serve you as quickly as possible, be as detailed as you can in your inquiry. Only complete one form at a time. Completing multiple forms at a time (e.g., pre-advising + online advising, or visiting student + pre-advising) does not mean you will get help any quicker and this may actually delay your response, as it may lead to conflicting messages.

    Please be patient – always allow 48 business hours to receive responses from the online advisor. Response times may vary depending on registration times. We understand you may need immediate assistance.

    Contact the online advisor.

  • What else is needed to register?

    If you have received an “Advising Form” through email, you have completed required advising. Please thoroughly and carefully review the “Advising Form” for next steps and other important information.

    You can also review your next steps after enrolling, such as paying for classes and buying your books.

Admissions/Enrollment Steps

Online Classes, Online Programs, Online Learning Introduction


Registering for Classes

  • Find Which Classes are Available

    To view what is available now, you can search for courses in Schedule Builder, or log in to MyCollege. 

    Advisors are not able to advise on what courses will be available during specific terms. To see what is available in future terms, please check Schedule Builder or your MyCollege account sometime in March or early April to view courses for the summer and fall, and October or early November to view courses for the spring. 

    Follow the instructions on how to register on our registration page.

  • How to Register/Registration Dates

    If any of the following describe you:

    • you have met with an advisor and/or know which classes to take
    • you received permission to register or are just taking a class/some classes to transfer back to your school/for your job

    follow the instructions on how to register on our registration page.

    Our registration page also lists dates when you can register.

  • Granted Petitions

    Please carefully read any error messages you may receive when trying to register. Learn more about Granted Petitions on our registration page.

  • Full Course

    There are no waitlists for any of our courses. If a course or section of a course is full when you try to register, the only options we can recommend are to check back during payment dates to see if seats have come available from students dropping the course.

    If seats do not come available, please understand that your only option is to register for the course when registration opens for a future semester.

    Advisors are not able to add you to open or full courses. 

  • Register for More than 18 Credits

    Learn about the college’s course load policies on the registration policies page.

  • Why Can’t I Register?

    Please carefully read any error messages you may receive when trying to register.

    • If you have a residency number, but are still not able to register, visit the residency page and contact Admissions/Registration/Records using the contact information provided.
    • “Student Academic Level” means you need to be added to a program. Please contact the online advisor and include the Central Piedmont program you are pursuing. 
    • If the error says “Granted Petition,” please review the granted petition section on our registration page.
    • If it’s an online course, you likely need to complete the Online Learning Introduction.

Class Issues/Concerns