College Leadership


View our leadership teams – our Board of Trustees, the President’s Office and others – that work behind the scenes, guiding CPCC as it strives to become the national leader in workforce development.

Board of Trustees

This leadership team is comprised of 12 members, representing an assortment of industries, and is responsible for ensuring that the College’s core values and purposes are reflected throughout its processes.

Office of the President

Under the leadership of Dr. Tony Zeiss, the College has reached several milestones and enacted a number of initiatives to keep it at the forefront of the higher education arena. Learn more about Dr. Zeiss and the impact he’s having on CPCC, the Queen City and local residents.

College Administration

View our Organizational Chart to find out more information about the leadership of CPCC. Review our Annual Report, Strategic and Operational Plans, and Goals and Accomplishments.

Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures handbook contains a variety of guidelines that assist in the governance of the College. It is comprised of rules, policies and regulations that may be amended to reflect the evolving needs of the College and its campus community.