5.16 Curriculum (for College Credit) Program and Course Development and Revision

I. Scope

This procedure includes course, program of study, and curriculum standard revisions, as well as the development of new courses, programs of study, and curriculum standards.

II. Process

The process begins when an individual faculty member or a representative from an academic division within the College recognizes a need for a revision to a course, existing program of study, or curriculum standard, or recognizes the opportunity for a new course, program of study, or curriculum standard. A proposal is then prepared using the appropriate forms obtained from the North Carolina Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual.

III. Procedure

The specific procedure depends on the nature of the proposal. The procedural steps are outlined in the Academic Affairs Resource Handbook on the Academic Affairs website.

IV. Review and Approval Process

  1. The faculty member or initiator will submit the proposed change to the program chair and the division director for their approval.
  2. The division director, in consultation with the dean, will submit the proposal to the Central Piedmont Community College Curriculum Committee.
  3. If the Curriculum Committee supports the proposal, it is submitted to the vice president for Learning. If the Curriculum Committee does not recommend the proposal, it is sent back for revision.
  4. The vice president for Learning may consult with the Learning Council, College Cabinet, and/or the Instructional Programs and Institutional Support Committee of the Board of Trustees.
  5. Depending on the nature of the proposal, either the vice president for Learning or the State Board of Community Colleges will authorize approval for implementation.

V. Implementation

The Office of the Vice President for Learning notifies appropriate Central Piedmont personnel that the proposal has been approved and directs the supervising dean to manage the details of implementation, such as preparing course origination documents and updating the College Catalog.


Changes approved by Cabinet on September 11, 2002; July 16, 2012