3.06 College Consultation: Councils, Committees, Task Forces

Many of the oversight, review, and planning activities of the College are performed through the work of the councils, committees, and task forces that provide advice, counsel, and recommendations to the President and other administrators.

  1. A council is a permanent entity with broadly representative membership established to deliberate on and provide recommendations about a broad spectrum of topics affecting the general interests of the College and its employees and students. The President must authorize the initial formation of a council. The councils that have been authorized are the Classified Staff Council, the College Senate, the Leadership Council, and the Student Government Association. Brief descriptions of these groups follow in Policy 3.07: Councils.
  2. A committee is a continuing work group assigned to a defined and limited field of inquiry and given a general purpose. A committee may be established by any administrator.
  3. A task force is a work group assigned to a specific project and given a specific charge. A task force will be discontinued after its specific assignment is completed. A task force may be established by any administrator.


Changes approved by Cabinet on September 30, 2002; February 7, 2006