3.00 College Organization

The Central Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees is the legal body responsible for the college. The Board establishes broad college policies, adopts long-range plans and goals, and secures the financial resources required to support the college. The Board provides policy direction to the president of the College.

The president of the college plans, organizes, and directs the overall administrative and academic activities and operations of the college. The president exercises direct and indirect supervision of all college personnel.

Under the leadership of the president, the work of the College is assigned by function to broad, multi-faceted program units. Each unit is managed by a vice president.

Within a unit, areas having similar programs, functions, or tasks are combined into administrative entities named groups. Deans, associate vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, executive directors, and assistants to the president may lead groups.

Within a group, the major functions or programs of study are identified as departments or divisions. Departments or divisions are led by associate deans, division directors, or directors.

Small, narrowly focused areas within a department or division are called programs and are administered by assistant directors, program chairs, discipline chairs, program coordinators, coordinators, or supervisors.

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