6.35 Foundation Funding

I. Regulation

The Central Piedmont Foundation may be requested to provide initial funding for programs and projects that are consistent with the College mission and objectives when state and local tax funds are inadequate or unavailable.

II. Procedure

  1. Whenever possible, requests for Foundation funds will be made during the regular cycle for developing the College budget and will be processed as a portion of it. Specific procedures for submitting an operating budget increase request are announced annually prior to budget development activities.
  2. All requests for Foundation funds that are approved as part of the College budget will be combined and approved by the President and submitted to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement. The Vice President and staff will seek to identify potential donors to address these institutional needs and will develop appropriate fundraising strategies.
  3. When extraordinary opportunities or problems develop that require prompt funding and no other funds are available, the regular budget process may be omitted, and an emergency proposal may be submitted. Requests for emergency funding require the approval of the particular Unit Vice President, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, and the President. The Vice President for Institutional Advancement and staff will endeavor to identify potential funding sources for these College needs.
  4. Final action on all funding requests will be taken by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Approved by Cabinet on December 2, 1996; August 17, 2010; September 17, 2012