6.19 Internal Audit

I. Purpose

The purpose of Internal Audit is to:

  1. provide independent and objective management of evaluations, consultation, and reporting services
  2. to help ensure the efficient and effective use of resources and program operations
  3. to monitor stewardship over assets

Internal Auditing provides reasonable assurance and consulting activity that is guided by the philosophy of providing value-added services to improve the operations of the College. Internal Audit helps to ensure that the College is in compliance with applicable policies and procedures, statutes, and regulations, which in turn support the College in achieving its vision, mission, and goals.

II. Responsibilities

  1. In accordance with the audit plan, the Internal Audit staff has authority and responsibility for conducting financial, enrollment, and compliance audits. The College President may specifically request operational efficiency audits of any area of the College. Each Vice President may also request an efficiency audit of an area he/she supervises.
  2. In the conduct of an audit, the Internal Audit staff is authorized full and unrestricted access to records, personnel, and physical properties relevant to the performance of the audit.
  3. On a periodic basis, the College Cabinet or Executive Vice President meets with the Internal Auditor to review:
    1. activity reports highlighting significant audit findings and recommendations
    2. status reports on the corrective actions of management
    3. comparisons to audit findings in previous years
  4. On an annual basis, the College Cabinet meets with the Internal Auditor to review a proposed, documented audit plan.


Approved February 1, 1993

Change approved by Cabinet on January 24, 2005