6.05 Visitor Parking


  1. Visitor parking areas are identified on the Central Piedmont Parking Guide and by signs on the Central Piedmont site.
  2. Visitors may park in any space marked and reserved for visitors. A City of Charlotte citation will be issued for any vehicle parked in a space reserved for handicapped unless the vehicle displays a handicapped permit. The fine for each violation is set by North Carolina General Statutes 20-37.6, is displayed on the parking signage, and is payable to the City of Charlotte.
  3. Parking is specifically prohibited for all vehicles in fire lanes, in yellow-marked areas, in loading zones, near dumpsters, on sidewalks, and in unmarked spaces on streets, driveways, and adjacent to buildings. The College also restricts certain posted parking areas to students or faculty and staff. Vehicles improperly parked in any of these areas may be subject to citations, booting, or towing.
  4. There are several visitor parking spaces, and visitors expecting to be on campus for several hours should go directly to the Security Office and obtain a temporary parking permit and instructions about where to park.
  5. When time permits, Central Piedmont staff hosting a seminar or conference will mail dated temporary permits and parking instructions to invited participants. If that is not done, participants should go directly to the Security Office to obtain a temporary permit and parking instructions.
  6. Persons visiting the campus for the purpose of attending a Central Piedmont Theater presentation may park in the faculty parking deck without obtaining temporary permits.