Fact Book 2017–18

The Central Piedmont Fact Book 2017-18 presents comprehensive statistical information about the college. This Fact Book provides the data concerning organization, academics, students, funding, facilities, and employees.

Although most data are presented on a college-wide basis, enrollment and class information by campus is also provided as appropriate. Most of the student and class information is based on the data managed by the Office of Planning and Research. In order to obtain a more complete profile, the end of term data were generally used to produce the student enrollment information while the census registration point of data were used to produce the class enrollment information. The total enrollment numbers may not be identical with those appearing in the documents (e.g., annual statistical reports) published by the NC Community College System Office due to the different data sets. Data acquired from other offices are otherwise indicated with the sources of information.

The Fact Book preface (PDF) provides additional information on the preparation and publication of the Fact Book.





percentage of all employees by gender and race full year 2017–18

Funding and Facilities

student tuition and fees full year 2017–18

Data at a Glance

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