Technology Interruptions Information for Students

Information for students about the February 2021 technology interruptions.

Stay Informed

Keep reading and check this page often to find the latest updates on the technology interruptions and how they affect your classes, registration, student services, etc. The college will officially let you know by text, phone call, and these technology interruptions pages as systems are available again. Please also follow Central Piedmont on social media to keep up-to-date on what’s going on at the college.

Saturday, March 6: Payment System and Student General Desktop on Central Piedmont Cloud Available Again

Our payment system is back so you can make payments again. Review the "You Can Now Pay for Classes" section for details.

You can also now access the student general desktop on the Central Piedmont Cloud again.

Log in to the Cloud on your personal device to access to some of the college’s tools/services, including Microsoft Office. If you have not used the Central Piedmont Cloud before and are not sure if your device is supported, how to properly connect to it, and more, please use the instructions on the Getting Started with the Central Piedmont Cloud page. Other helpful resources are on the Using the Cloud page.

If you have trouble logging in to or using the Cloud and its applications, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 704.330.5000 or by online chat. Go to the ITS Help Desk page for the hours they're available. You might have to wait longer than usual as the Help Desk team works to address all of the questions it’s receiving from the college community during this challenging time.

Reminder: you can’t access the Central Piedmont Cloud if you haven't reactivated your Central Piedmont username through the Activator application. If you haven't already reactivated your username, you need to do so as soon as possible (even if you never lost access to your email) so you can access your coursework and messages from your instructors.

For more update on the status of Central Piedmont’s technology systems, check the system status page.

Tuesday, March 2: MyCollege and Health Attestation Form Available Again

You can now log in to MyCollege again. In MyCollege, you can view your academic history, register for classes, and update your contact information.

Saturday, February 20 Update: You Need to Reactivate Your Account as Soon as Possible

You are required to reactivate your account, even if you never lost access to your student email.

The technology interruptions impacted many of the college’s main communication channels and learning platforms. The Information Technology Services team has been working to bring those tools back online, where possible, in a secure and deliberate process to ensure the future safety and reliability of the college’s technology systems.

Information Technology Services is helping you reactivate your Central Piedmont username so you can access your student Gmail account, other tools in Google Workspace, and Webex.

How to Reactivate Your Account

You need to reactivate your Central Piedmont username with a new password, even if you never lost access to your email. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Activator Application.
  2. Select “Continue.”
  3. Enter your college ID, choose your account type, and select “Claim.”
  4. Enter your personal information, which will prove to the app that you are who you say you are.
  5. If you successfully enter your personal information, a congratulatory message will appear confirming your user account has been reactivated. You can now log in to Google Gmail and Google Workspace, and use Webex.
  6. If you don’t enter your information correctly, you’ll get a message requesting you come to Central Campus to complete the account reactivation process in person.

Classes, Registration, Communication, Student Services Updates

  • You Can Now Pay for Classes in MyCollege or In-Person

    You can now go to MyCollege to check and pay for any tuition and fee balance due.

    • If you would like to pay by credit card, go to MyCollege and choose "Make a Payment" under the "Financial Information" menu.
    • If you are receiving financial aid, scholarships, or sponsorships, you may not owe a balance.
    • If you would like to pay by cash, check, or money order, you can go to a Central Piedmont Business Office location. (We recommend that you make an appointment.) We can't accept in-person credit card payments at this time.

    Go to the tuition and payment page for the Business Office locations, hours, and contact information.

    Corporate and Continuing Education

    You can make online payments Corporate and Continuing Education courses for classes with a credit or debit card through MyCollege only. Contact Corporate and Continuing Education Customer Service at 704.330.4223 with any questions or concerns.

  • Effect on Classes

    Please do not come to campus if you have been recently exposed to, diagnosed with, or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

    Make sure you have reactivated your Central Piedmont username (even if you never lost access to your email) so that you get notifications and specific instructions from your instructors.

    Keep checking this and the technology interruptions for more details.

  • Final Grade: Pass/Emergency Grade Option for Spring 2021

    How the Pass/Emergency Option Works

    Beginning March 1, 2021 through Saturday, July 31, 2021, you have the option to convert your final grade to a Pass/Emergency (PE) grade for one, some, or all of your spring 2021 courses.

    A PE grade indicates a final grade of C or better. Consider the following before opting for the PE grade:

    • A PE grade will fulfill degree requirements and prerequisites for transfer and non-transfer students at Central Piedmont only.
    • If you want to transfer a class to a four-year institution, ask that institution to if you can transfer the class with a PE grade before you choose the PE option.
    • The PE option can be applied on a course-by-course basis.
    • Once applied, the PE grade cannot be reversed.
    • A PE grade will not impact your GPA or negatively impact your financial aid.

    You should discuss the decision with an advisor, particularly if you are receiving financial aid and/or are in the following programs:

    • university transfer: ask that institution to if you can transfer the class with a PE grade before you choose the PE option
    • Career & College Promise (dually enrolled high school students)
    • programs requiring licensure in order to practice in the field
    • programs subject to special program accreditation

    Learn more about the college grading policy. Contact your faculty advisor if you have questions about how a PE grade may impact your specific program.

    How to Convert a Final Grade to a Pass/Emergency Grade

    1. Discuss the decision with your advisor.
    2. If your advisor and you determine a PE is the best option for you, the advisor will complete an internal PE grade request form.
    3. The PE grade request form will be routed to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will change the grade.
  • Corporate and Continuing Education Courses

    You can now register for Corporate and Continuing Education courses again. Your instructors will let you know of any changes to any classes you were already registered for. Make sure you have activated your Central Piedmont username (even if you never lost access to your email) so that you get notifications and specific instructions from your instructors.

    Refunds for canceled courses will automatically be processed. Contact Corporate and Continuing Education Customer Service for information at 704.330.4223.

    Thank you for your patience. Please keep checking this page for updates.

  • Impacts to the Semester Schedule/Academic Calendar

    Given that the cyberattack has interrupted our spring semester, the planned spring break from March 8–12 will now need to be teaching days for many classes. This is unfortunately the only way to keep you on track to complete the spring semester on time. Staying on track is important, especially for those of you in the last semester of your program who absolutely need to complete your program on time.

    Keep checking this and the technology interruptions for more details.

  • Classes You've Registered for in MyCollege/Student Planning

    Any information that was already in MyCollege Student Planning before the technology interruptions (like classes you've already registered for) appears to be safe — we do not expect any impacts.

  • Student Support Services and How to Get Help

    Student services are available on campus just like they were before the technology interruptions, including academic advising.

    The college’s public website ( links to many college services and tools (the employee directory, support forms, etc.). Even though the website is up, the links on the site to other college services that are down will not work right now.

    If you’ve submitted a support form you found on the public website on or after February 11, staff may not have been able to access your form. Unless you're told otherwise, please hold off on submitting a support form for now until we know our support staff are accessible to help — we want to make sure we can respond to your request.

    Learn more about available services, activities, and academic support by contacting the Information Services/call center at 704.330.2722.

    As a reminder, you and your household family members still have access to the McLaughlin Young Student Assistance Program, which offers short-term counseling, expert legal or financial consultation, and work-life resources. Visit the student assistance program page to learn more.

  • Brightspace

    All Central Piedmont online courses will now use Brightspace instead of Blackboard. If you have not used Brightspace yet, you can start learning how to use Brightspace using these resources:

  • Student Gmail Email Account, Communication with Your Instructors

    It is safe for you to use your college Gmail.

    Central Piedmont employees, including instructors, lost access to their employee email on February 11. Employees are now able to get back into their email, but it could take some time for all employees to reactivate their accounts and to then get their new emails organized. Please re-send any messages you sent to your instructor(s) or any Central Piedmont employee between February 11–22 if you still haven't heard back from them.

    As always, be careful in opening any suspicious emails or emails from anyone you don’t know — these could be phishing attempts. Never open an attachment from someone you don’t know. Remember, Central Piedmont will never ask for your password or any personal information through email or text.

    IT security tips

  • Emergency Grants and Chromebooks

    If you don't have access to technology to do your coursework, contact Single Stop.

    You can use still use the document creation and storage features of your Chromebook without having to log in with your Central Piedmont credentials. However, until we get access to our systems back, you won't be able to access Central Piedmont-provided services through your Chromebook.

  • Transcripts

    The college can only issue transcripts electronically right now — printed copies are not available.

    Visit the transcripts page for instructions on how to request a transcript electronically.

  • Events

    Keep checking the college events calendar for details.

Financial Aid Updates

You can find the answers to many common questions in the following sections. If you have further questions or concerns, please email your financial aid or Veterans Affairs counselor using the following information or call Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs at 704.330.6942.

  • Financial Aid Counselor Contacts

    Email your financial aid advisor with any questions. You can find your financial aid counselor in MyCollege. The apply for aid page walks you through how to find your counselor in MyCollege if you are not sure.

  • Withdrawals and Refunds

    If you stay enrolled in your classes right now, your financial aid award will not be impacted. Withdrawing from your classes may impact your financial aid eligibility and the financial aid you may have already received. If you are receiving financial aid and never attended a course you had registered for, or if you stop attending all your courses, you may owe money back to the Department of Education. Check with your financial aid counselor before withdrawing from any courses. (We have listed financial aid counselor contacts in the next section). Learn more about how withdrawing affects financial aid.

    Financial aid refund dates will be adjusted due to the technology interruption. Learn more about financial aid refunds and monitor the financial aid refund schedule for updates.

    Thank you for your patience. We encourage you to stay the course as we resolve technical issues to keep you on track this semester.

  • Veterans Affairs Education Benefits

    If you are receiving Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Benefits, there will be no change in your benefit as long as you stay enrolled in your current classes. If you drop a class without notice, change a program without proper advising, or withdraw from a second term class that has been approved, your aid may be affected. Please contact your academic advisor or a VA certifying official:

  • Buying Books with Financial Aid

    You can buy textbooks at Central Piedmont Barnes & Noble bookstores through Monday, March 15. Visit the bookstores to learn about payment options and purchase instructions.

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    You can still submit your FAFSA right now. If you have not already submitted your 2020-21 or 2021-22 FAFSA, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Applying early by submitting your 2021-22 FAFSA as soon as possible increases your chances of getting free aid you don’t have to repay, such as grants or scholarships. (Remember that you have to submit a FAFSA each school year.)

    Central Piedmont will process all 2020-21 FAFSAs as soon as possible once we get access to our technology back.

    Submit your FAFSA.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

    If you receive financial aid and/or veterans’ affairs educational benefits, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Learn more about standards of academic progress.

    You can view any documents received and/or needed to process your financial aid application and award in MyCollege.

  • CARES Act Student Relief Grants

    CARES Student Relief Grant funds are available for the spring semester. The dates when CARES fund applications are processed and when funds are disbursed will be adjusted based on when we get access to technology back. If you submitted a CARES Student Relief Grant applications before the technology interruption, your application will be reviewed by Friday, March 12.

    Learn more about CARES Act Student Relief Grants and contact with questions.

Applying to the College/Future and New Students

It's not possible right now for new students to create your Central Piedmont username and password. You can currently complete the following steps to apply to the college: check your state residency, submit the admissions application (which creates your student ID number), access your Central Piedmont email, submit your transcripts, attend orientation, apply for financial aid, determine course placement, meet with an academic advisor, register and pay for classes. 8- and 4-week classes start Monday, March 15 — we encourage you to move forward with registering for these terms. Keep reading to learn more.

Scheduled Testing

Email with any questions about the following.

Class Updates from Dr. Hill, vice president of Academic Affairs

Dr. Hill shares important updates about the college's plans to deliver courses using Brightspace instead of Blackboard moving forward. Be on the lookout for a similar message from Dr. Hill sent to your email. Keep reading this page for Brightspace resources.