Technology Interruptions Information for Employees

Information for employees about the February 2021 technology interruptions, including the college's efforts to get various functions back online. Please check back often for more details as they are available.

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Tuesday, March 30: You Need to Get a New College ID Card by Mon., April 12

Information Technology Services is in the process of rebuilding the access control system on all campus facilities. To ensure you are able to access your campus building/workspace going forward, Information Technology Services is requiring that all employees be issued new college IDs by Monday, April 12, 2021.

When and Where to Get Your New ID

You can get your new ID card from Information Technology Services:

  • Dates: Monday, April 5–Thursday, April 8, 2021
  • Times: 9 a.m.–3 p.m.
  • Location: Central Campus, Overcash Center (near the Sbarro/Food Court area)


  • Bring your existing access card.
  • Bring a valid photo ID.
  • Plan to have a new photo taken for your ID. (Previous photos or electronic copies will not be accepted.)
  • Absentee or mailed cards are not permissible — you need to come to campus in person.

Your new card will start working — and your existing card will stop working — by Monday, April 12. However, the process of enabling the new system will be door-by-door, so it may take a while.

If you can't make it to campus between April 5–8: a new ID distribution process will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Past Updates on the Technology Interruptions

  • Employee Desktop in Central Piedmont Cloud Available: Thursday, February 25, 2021

    Information Technology Services has brought the employee general desktop on the Central Piedmont Cloud back online.

    Starting today, you can log in to the Cloud on your personal device to access some of the college’s tools/services, including Microsoft Office and network drives (such as U: and H: drives).

    If you have not used the Central Piedmont Cloud before and are not sure if your device can access the Cloud, how to properly connect to the service, and more, please follow the instructions outlined on the Getting Started with the Central Piedmont Cloud page. Some other helpful Cloud resources include:

    If you have trouble accessing the Cloud and its applications, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 704.330.5000 or via online chat. Visit the main technology interruptions page for the most up-to-date details on the Help Desk's availability.

  • Google Workspace Open Lab Sessions and Resources Website: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

    This week, you have received instructions to access your email and calendar via Google. Many of you are already familiar with Google software. If you are not familiar with Google products, or you prefer a refresher on using Google software for work, visit Getting Started with Google Workspace.

    This Getting Started with Google Workspace site was created by Human Resources' Talent Development to assist with the transition to Gmail and Google Calendar.

    On the site, you’ll find& information on how to use Gmail and Google calendar, including links to video tutorials for topics such as scheduling events and responding to email.

    For those with a basic understanding of Gmail and Google calendar, we have also included intermediate tutorials to customize your use of your inbox and outbox. The site will also teach you how to create a new email signature and share your calendar. Please use this resource as you see fit.

    In addition, we are pleased to offer the open labs to support employees.

  • You Need to Reactivate Your Central Piedmont Username: Saturday February 20, 2021

    The college is ready for you to reactivate your Central Piedmont username. To do so, you need to follow these steps to create a new password:

    1. Visit the Activator Application.
    2. Select “Continue.”
    3. Enter your college ID, choose your account type, and select “Claim.”
    4. Enter your personal information, which will prove to the app that you are who you say you are.
    5. If you successfully enter your personal information, a congratulatory message will appear confirming your user account has been reactivated. You can now log in to Google Gmail, Google Workspace, Google Calendar, Brightspace, and Panopto.
    6. If you don’t enter your information correctly, you’ll get a message requesting you come to Central Campus to complete the account reactivation process in person.

    Once you're in your new email, be sure to create your email signature using the approved employee email signature.

  • Update on Getting Access to Email: Friday, February 19

    Last week’s cyberattack impacted many of the college’s main communication channels and learning platforms. The Information Technology Services (ITS) team has been working to bring those tools back online, where possible, in a secure and deliberate process to ensure the future safety and reliability of the college’s technology systems.

    ITS is helping you reactivate your Central Piedmont username so you can access to Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), which will now include Gmail as your email platform, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other collaborative tools. This will also allow you to get access back to cloud-based tools like Webex, Brightspace, and Panopto.

    Please be on the lookout for a message with instructions on how to reactivate your Central Piedmont username, as this is a good step forward in our ability to reconnect as a college.

    One of the biggest changes that have resulted from the cyberattack is we are moving from using Microsoft Exchange to Google’s Gmail as our email platform. When you’re able to access your Gmail email account, you will have up to 30 days worth of previous email in your inbox. As always, it’s imperative that you do not open any unknown or suspicious emails.

    Sadly, due to the cyberattack, we cannot retrieve your email archives, calendar information, or contacts. We know this is very tough news to process, and it will be difficult to deal with this loss of data. It's an unfortunate situation, but the cyberattack has left us no other option. We understand this is a big change from the Outlook tool we’re used to using each day, but it is the most efficient way for the college to reopen its main channel of communication, which is email. We appreciate your patience as we move forward with Gmail.

    Please share this update with your teammates and direct reports to ensure everyone is in the loop.

  • Limited On-Campus Presence: Monday, February 15-Friday, February 19

    • This week, the vast majority of college employees will not come to campus, and will work remotely as best they can. Systems that you have to log into with your Central Piedmont credentials are offline. If you were logged into Google Drive or Webex Teams when the cyberintrustion happened, you might have access to those tools. If so, be sure not to log out — you won't be able to log back in until we get systems back online.
    • Some select classes will meet on campus. The faculty members teaching those classes are communicating class information to their students.
    • As ITS works to restore our network systems, it's possible more employees will be able to return to campus the week of February 22. Keep checking this page for updates.
    • Our campuses remain secure thanks to the good work of the College Security Services Team and our Allied Universal colleagues.
  • Brightspace

  • If You Are Contacted by News Media

    • It's possible media representatives might try to contact college employees through social media and other channels to comment on the ransomware attack and our recovery efforts.
    • If you are contacted by a media person, please direct them to Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations (CMPR). Many media representatives already have the mobile phone numbers of CMPR team members. CMPR is also monitoring the college’s social media channels and will respond to any questions from news media.
  • IT Security

    As always, be careful in opening any suspicious emails or emails from anyone you don’t know — these could be phishing attempts. Never open an attachment from someone you don’t know. Remember, Central Piedmont will never ask for your password or any personal information through email or text.

    IT security tips

  • EAP Services Available to College Employees and Family Members

    Remember, McLaughlin Young, our employee assistance program provider, can be contacted at 800.633.3353 or 704.529.1428.

    Request a McLaughlin Young EAP appointment online.

A Message from Dr. Hill

Dr. Hill shares important updates about the college's plans to deliver courses using Brightspace instead of Blackboard moving forward. Be on the lookout for a similar message from Dr. Hill sent to your email. Keep reading this page for Brightspace resources.