Retiree Email Accounts

Central Piedmont will provide employees retiring from the college with email accounts. On this webpage, any reference to an “old account” or “employee account” will be to describe your email account in the domain while working for the college. Likewise, any reference to a “new account” or “retiree account” will be to describe your email account in the domain.

Retiree accounts will be made available as part of Google’s Gmail program. These accounts will be managed in a specific domain designated as “” Creation of the account will be provided by Central Piedmont staff, but all storage and management of messages will be handled by Google. 

Retiree Account Details

  • Details about the capacity and functionality of the email accounts is provided on the Google Gmail Help page.
  • In most cases, the email name identification and address created for the retiree account will be identical to the username you had while employed at the college (e.g., firstname.lastname)
  • You may use the retiree email account for personal and/or business purposes.


If you are re-hired by the college after retiring, you will receive a standard employee account and retain access to your retiree email account. The standard employee account account will remain active throughout the time you are re-employed with the college. Consequently, if you are re-hired after retiring, you will have two accounts after being re-hired: the retiree email account and the standard employee account. For college purposes, employees need to have a primary account. This primary account will be the standard employee account and is to be used for all college-related business.

Procedures for Retiree Email Accounts

Before retirement:
  1. Submit a network access change request form. This should be done no later than two weeks before your retire.
  2. ITS will create the email account and communicate the initial password to you. You must change this password after you first login to your retiree email account.
  3. Please note that college-related emails should not be forwarded to your retiree email account due to possible FERPA violations. Personal email in your existing account can be forwarded.
  4. You will have 60 days upon retirement to move over any personal emails, contacts, and calendar items from your old email account. After this time, the old email account will be deactivated, and you will only the new account.
  5. You are highly encouraged to set an out-of-office message on your old email account to communicate your retirement as early as possible. This message should include someone to contact at Central Piedmont for work-related needs, as well as a way to contact you for personal reasons.