Synchronize Email to Your Mobile Device

1. Complete the Mobile Device Synchronization Form

In order to have your employee email synced to a mobile device, the Mobile Device Synchronization form must be completed. To access the form:

  • Sign-in to Web Employee.
  • Select the Employees option.
  • Select the Mobile Device Sync Form link.

2. Connect Your Email to Your Device

When the mobile device synchronization form has been processed, you will receive an email from ITS stating that mobile sync had been enabled on your account. Once you have received this confirmation, connect your email to your device. If you have any problems during the synchronization process, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

  • Connecting Email to an Android Device

    The steps provided to complete this process may vary slightly depending on the Android device you are using.

    1. From the home screen on your device, tap Settings, or press the Menu button and select Settings. 

      settings button
    2. Locate and tap Accounts. Tap Sync. 
      Android accounts menu
    3. Tap Add Account. 
      add account
    4. Choose to add a Microsoft Exchange Active Sync account. 
      add Exchange account
    5. Enter your employee email address and password and tap next.
      1. If provided the option to setup the account manually, please do so and skip to step 6.
      2. Android may not be able to automatically obtain the server information, which will require you to enter it yourself. Tap the dimmed background to modify the fields manually. 
        configure exchange account by entering Central Piedmont email and password and tapping next
    6. Other Android devices may have an option to setup the account manually at this point. If so, select that option. 
      unable to connect to server screen - click ok to set up manually
    7. Enter the following information:
      1. employee username
      2. domain: (this field may be part of the username field)
      3. password
      4. server:
    8. Ensure that the check box for SSL is checked and tap next. A notification may appear regarding Remote Security Administration. Tap OK if you are willing to proceed. 
      make sure "Use Secure Connection (SSL) is selected; tap Ok for the remote security administration message
    9. Select which items to synchronize and also the frequency your Inbox will be checked for new items. Once complete, tap Next. 
      account options screen for synchronizing account
    10. You may receive a notification regarding the activation of device administrator. Please read the content and tap Activate if you would like to proceed. 
      activate phone administrator
    11. The next screen will prompt you to enter a name for the mailbox. Enter a name or tap Next to complete the process.
  • Connecting Email to an iOS Device (iPhone, iPad/iPod Touch)

    An iPhone 5S running iOS 9.3 was used to create the following steps. The steps to complete this process on an iPad or iPod Touch are very similar.

    1. From the home screen on your iOS device, tap Settings. 

      settings menu on home screen
    2. Select Passwords & Accounts. 
      select passwords & accounts on the settings menu
    3. Select Add Account. 
      add account on passwords and accounts screen
    4. Choose to add a Microsoft Exchange account. 
      select Exchange on the add account screen
    5. Enter your employee email address and password and tap next.
    6. Your iOS device will attempt to locate the Exchange Server. If necessary, you will be prompted to enter the following information:
      1. server address:
      2. domain:
      3. employee username 
        add email, password, and description to connect to the Exchange server; it may ask you to enter a server and domain
    7. Once your information has been verified, select which content you would like to synchronize with your device. 
      select which applications you want to sync to Exchange
    8. Tap Save when ready.