Please review the following tips and contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

Move Information

  • Central Piedmont Policies Related to Office

  • General Move Tips

    • We only move employees; we do not move furniture unless we agreed to do so prior to scheduling your move
    • This is a good opportunity to clean your files, catalogs, books, etc.
      • Please do not pack everything and plan to clean up when you unpack
      • Please clean up before packing
      • Moving costs the college money and therefore it is a good idea not to move unwanted items
    • Facilities Services will need one person (familiar with all the details of the move) from your area to help on the day of the move and to work with the movers
    • Movers do not handle pictures, live plants, or any personal items
      • Moving insurance covers $0.60 per pound only if the item damaged belongs to the College
      • Personal items are not covered during the move
      • If you have items that belong to you personally, please take them home before movers arrive at the job site
    • If you have any items that need special attention or additional insurance, please let Facilities Services know
      • Movers only handle items owned by Central Piedmont
      • Call Customer Service at 704.330.6000 with any other questions.
  • Boxes Tips

    • Please call 6000 for additional boxes before you are completely out of boxes

      • It takes maintenance a few days to schedule box delivery
    • Please do not write on boxes or use tape with boxes
      • Boxes are self-closing, tape is not required
      • We reuse boxes and therefore when you are done unpacking, please break down boxes and put them in a neat pile away from hallways or exit paths
      • Call 6000 to request empty box pick up
    • Please pack your boxes so they can be easily lifted
      • Please use your judgment and mix heavy and light items in every box so that the box does not get too heavy to be handled safely
  • File Cabinet Tips

    All file cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. must be emptied prior to being moved. Cabinets get damaged if moved while full, plus items inside could get damaged as well.

  • Furniture Tips

    We only move employees; we do not move furniture unless we agreed to do so prior to scheduling your move.

  • Information Technology Tips

    All CPUs, monitors, printers, fax machines, etc. must be tagged with destination location.

    • They do not fit in moving boxes and it is not safe to use boxes for these items.
    • Carts are used to move these items.
    • Please leave an empty box with destination tags next to each PC for ITS to use for computer accessories (keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.).
  • Labeling Tips

    • Please mark every item being moved with a clear destination.

      • If items are moving from destination back to the original location they must be marked as well and communicated to the movers on the day of the move.
      • If you plan to send items to Inventory Control they must be marked as SURPLUS so that Inventory Control can plan on removing items from the space through sale or by moving to IC storage.
    • Please make sure every item from your area is either tagged to be moved, packed to be moved, tagged as surplus, trashed, shredded, or sent to storage.
      • No papers/files should be left behind for someone else to go over and decide what should be done with them.
  • Telephone Equipment Tips

    Please do not unplug your telephone. This will be done by ITS Telecommunication Services.