Central Piedmont-Owned Vehicles

Reserving Fleet Vehicles

Facilities Services maintains the Central Piedmont Fleet Vehicles which can be used by faculty and staff, full or part-time, for college purposes. Please contact Facilities Services to reserve a college fleet vehicle.

Approval to Drive

In order to drive a Central Piedmont-owned or rented vehicle, employee must be an approved driver. To obtain approval, an employee must submit a completed Driver Disclosure Form (PDF) to Enterprise Risk Management to erm@cpcc.edu. Please allow five business days to process.

Full-time/part-time employees operating a Central Piedmont-owned motor vehicle or a motor vehicle in the care and custody of Central Piedmont must provide a valid driver's license number to the Enterprise Risk Management office. Use of these vehicles is for college purposes only. The information provided will be used for MVR processing.

Along with the initial MVR processing, the driving record of each employee authorized to operate a college vehicle will be continuously monitored by an MVR vendor. Enterprise Risk Management will be notified about all changes in MVR status, including infractions and accidents. Employees authorized to operate Central Piedmont owned vehicles must report any changes to their MVR status as soon as possible.

The valid driver's license must adhere to the following minimum guidelines:

  • Employee must hold a valid North Carolina or South Carolina driver's license.
  • Any employee with more than two "current" convictions of a moving violation and corresponding state points or at fault accident will not be allowed to operate college-owned vehicles. "Current" means the period necessary for points to be deleted from the state driver's license record, which is usually three years.
  • Any employee with a conviction of a major violation within the last three years will not be allowed to operate a college vehicle. Major violations include: DUI, vehicular homicide, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident in which bodily injury results, or assault with a motor vehicle.

Upon approval of a driver, an approval notification will be sent via email to the driver as well as his or her direct supervisor. Once a driver has been added to the Central Piedmont Approved Driver list, the driver is eligible to operate a Central Piedmont owned or rented vehicle for a period of one year from date of approval notification. Drivers failing to adhere to the Driving Regulations will be removed from the Central Piedmont Approved Driver list.

Please contact a member of the Enterprise Risk Management team with questions regarding the process. Submit completed forms to erm@cpcc.edu.

Central Piedmont Enterprise Risk Management has been qualified by the NC Division of Motor Vehicles to receive driver information pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2721(b) and has certified that Central Piedmont will not disclose personal information contained in the records. See the Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act.

Driver Regulations

Driving Regulations (PDF)

Reporting of Accidents and Disabled Vehicles

Information regarding motor vehicle accidents involving college-owned vehicles or privately-owned vehicles that are used in college business must be reported to the employee’s (vehicle operator) immediate supervisor, Facilities Services, and Emergency Risk Management office within 24 hours. Please review the Motor Vehicle Accident and Disabled Vehicles Procedures (PDF) before driving College vehicles.

Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal

Departments should notify Emergency Risk Management when a vehicle is purchased and when a vehicle is sold as this impacts the automobile insurance. Additionally, Inventory Control must be notified so the vehicle can be added to or removed from inventory. Please review the process for purchasing or disposing of Central Piedmont vehicles (PDF).

Please review the process for proper titling of Central Piedmont vehicles (PDF).