Academic Affairs Strategic Plan, Objectives, and Accomplishments

Academic Affairs supports the college's vision, mission, and goals through implementation of the strategic plan and objectives.

Accomplishments (PDF)

2016-2018 Academic Affairs Strategic Plan


1. Access: Connecting with the College

Increase awareness and accessibility for prospective students by expanding our collaborations with CMS, enhancing our College and Career Readiness offerings, supplementing our developmental education courses and resources, and offering more high demand sections.

2. Student Success: Providing Options and Opportunities

Communicate with students about their progress and connect them with support services during their first year (QEP STAR), offer classes in alternative scheduling formats to allow for more flexibility, and develop new programs in response to the job market.

3. Quality: Implementing Improvements

Implement program enhancements that positively impact student learning outcomes through intentional course design, aligning the general education goals with the Core 4, and improving the quality and consistency of online offerings.

4. Completion: Encouraging Completion

Increase the number of students who persist and earn degrees, diplomas, certificates or transfer to a four-year university.

5. Employment: Building Pathways to Careers

Strengthen our internal capacity and external partnerships to better prepare and equip students for viable career opportunities.

6. Global Initiatives: Creating Global Competitiveness

Collaborate with economic and educational leaders to provide a strong foundation for building the Charlotte region as a global hub of commerce.