Forensic Kids Camps

Forensic Camps for Kids




Kid’s CSI Camp is intended for rising 6th – 12th graders.

Students in our camp will participate in exercises that include techniques used in forensic laboratory and crime scene processing. Campers will use our 2000 sq. foot crime scene facility where we set up mock crime scenes for them to search and analyze. We also have a mock court room, state of the art computer forensics lab, and outdoor props for students to use as police and crime scene investigators do.

Students will process and document mock crime scenes using “real world” techniques and equipment, then use laboratory equipment to analyze evidence obtained from various crime scenes. Do you want to become a CSI?  This is the place where real life CSI’s are trained. Our Forensic Academy trains police and crime scene investigators all over North Carolina and as many as nine other states send people here for training. Campers will also get demonstrations of equipment seen on TV, like our laser trajectory kits, Bluestar reagent for blood spatter, alternate light sources, electro-static dust lifters and much more.
Students will also practice fingerprinting, casting and molding shoe impressions, developing and lifting fingerprints, collecting and documenting evidence, and maintaining the chain of custody of evidence. Campers will learn to use our Fuji Digital cameras for crime scene photography during our mock exercises. They will process mock scenes and bring their evidence into our courtroom on the final day of camp. Due to popular demand, there are two sessions of CSI camp.


Kids Computer Crime Camp is intended for rising 9th - 12th graders.

At CPCC’s Computer Crime Camp, you will learn how Detectives are able to find evidence of crimes on computers, cell phones and the internet. Using cutting edge technology, campers will take a hands-on approach and work with computer specialists, Police Officers and Special Agents to find digital evidence. Campers will use forensics software typically reserved for law enforcement and will learn how to take apart a computer.

On the last day of camp, you’ll enter a mock crime scene and put your new found knowledge to the test. You will seize cell phones and computers, analyze them and attempt to find evidence leading you to the suspect. After identifying the offender, you’ll testify in our mock courtroom and explain to the judge how you caught the crook!

We will also have visits during the week from local, state or federal law enforcement agencies speaking about law enforcement and forensic careers. If you’re interested in smartphones, computers and working with Detectives…this camp is for you!



CPCC Merancas Campus (formally CPCC North Campus)

11920 Verhoeff Drive

Huntersville, NC 28078



CSI Camps: June 22nd through June 25th & July 20th through 23rd, 2015

Computer Crimes Camp: July 6th through July 9th, 2015

Monday through Thursday; 8:45am to 4:00pm

Registration is $275 (includes lunch on the last day, T-shirt, class photo and goodies!)



Emma Reynolds: 704-330-6731 or


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