7.04 Student Organizations

I. General Regulations

A. To be College-sanctioned, each organization must be officially recognized upon the recommendation of the Student Government Association and upon the approval of the Associate Dean of Student Life.

B. Each organization must have a constitution on file with the Associate Dean of Student Life which states its purposes, its rules for operation, and other pertinent principles. Revisions made to this information must be submitted to the Associate Dean of Student Life. Annually, each organization must submit current operational information, including, the names of its officers, advisor, and any external financial account information.

C. The policies and objectives of the campus organization must be consistent with those of the College and the Constitution of the Student Government Association (PDF).

D. Each organization must maintain a membership of currently enrolled students.

E. The organization must select from among the full-time faculty or professional staff of the College an individual who agrees to be the organization's advisor, per the approval of the Associate Dean of Student Life.

F. The organization must schedule all major events through the Office of Student Life, who confers with Communications, Marketing & Public Relations concerning the College Calendar of Events.

G. The organization must adhere to all College policies and procedures and the Student Code of Conduct when conducting all activities.

H. No organization shall discriminate in its membership on any grounds.

II. Procedures for establishing a student organization and conducting organization activities are documented in Student Organization Guidelines that are available through Student Life and the Student Life website.

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