4.50 Emergency Notification of Students and Employee on College Premises

I. Definition

Emergency Notification - A responsible effort by the College to deliver a message to a student or employee on the College premises which has been received from a family member or other reliable source and has been identified by the Office of Security as an "Emergency Situation."  Central Piedmont Community College is under no obligation to forward routine calls or requests that generally do not constitute an emergency.

Emergency Situation - Serious situations involving death in the family, an accident or hospitalization of a family member, or other family crisis which is determined to be of an extremely serious and urgent nature.

College Premises - Any property in use by the College; includes property leased or owned, property used for official functions sponsored by the College, and property used by the College in the conduct of any of its courses.

II. Procedures

A. Emergency Notification to a Student

1. Telephone calls to the College which are identified as an "Emergency Situation" should be forwarded to the Security Dispatch, 704-330-6911. The person receiving the call should ask the caller for his/her telephone number prior to transferring the call in case the connection is lost.

2. Once the call is determined by Security as an "Emergency Situation," in order for Security to locate the student in class, the following information may be requested:

a. Name (full)
b. Name, Location of Class
c. Address
d. Date of Birth

3. Security will identify the classroom location of the student by accessing the College's student information system.

4. Security will dispatch an officer to the classroom where the student has a scheduled class. Appropriate personnel will be notified should the student be at another site.

5. Security will call the family member or other source to let them know if the student could not be located.

B. Emergency Notification of Central Piedmont Employees

1. Telephone calls to the College which are identified as an "Emergency Situation" by Security or departmental personnel should be forwarded to the appropriate department in which the employee works.

2. Persons receiving calls requesting emergency notification of Central Piedmont employees should immediately transfer the call to Human Resources or Security.  During evening campus operations, the office of the Associate Dean, Evening Campus (Central Campus), can be contacted for assistance.
C. Unscheduled Visitors on Campus Seeking a Student or Employee

1. Visitors who walk in unscheduled and request to see a student or employee should be treated with caution.

2. Employees should use discretion when directing a visitor to where an employee is located.

3. Visitors who are seeking students should be directed to the Office of Campus Security for the respective campus.

4. Central Piedmont employee or student personal information shall not be released without authorization of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or the Associate Vice President for Student Services.

5. Any concern or suspicions about walk-in visitors on the College premises should be reported to the Office of Security immediately.

Modified on August 17, 2010