4.29 Professional Activity

I.  Guidelines

All personnel are expected to engage in activities that enable them to improve special competencies, keep abreast of new developments in their fields, and contribute to the mission of the College.

II. Activities for Professional Development

Activities requiring the staff member to be absent from the job for the purpose of professional development may be authorized for a period not to exceed three weeks without requesting a leave of absence. Authorization by the immediate administrator will be based on an evaluation of a written proposal from the applicant describing the benefits to be accrued from the proposed activity and certifying that satisfactory arrangements have been made for continuation of the applicant's duties during his/her absence. Salary and fringe benefits will be sustained during the period.

A. The following will be followed:

1. At least 20 work days in advance of the proposed travel, the applicant will submit to the immediate administrator a completed copy of the standard travel request form and a written statement containing the following information:

a. A description of the activity to be attended and the specific ways the institution and/or the individual will be benefited.

b. A summary of the length of time to be away, the classes and/or duties to be continued, and the names of the people who have agreed to assume each class or duty.

c. A description of how the applicant will share or demonstrate the experience, knowledge, or other professional benefit to be gained through the activity.

2. The immediate administrator will evaluate the request. If the request is approved, the travel request form will be processed in the usual manner.

3. A request for funds to cover travel and per diem expenses may be submitted to the director of the Center for Leadership and Staff Development. The request will be reviewed by the Professional Development Advisory Committee which will include in its evaluation the nature of the activity, the availability of funds, and the regulations covering the use of such funds.

B. Activities requiring a staff member to be absent from the job for a period of more than three weeks for the purpose of professional development require an application for Educational Leave as described in Policy 4.23.

C. All new employees will complete the required training for all college employees within 30 days of their hiring date. A list of required training is located on the Professional Development website.

All employees will complete a minimum of 20 hours of job-related professional development training per year. The 20 hours may be a combination of internal, official Central Piedmont Community College classes and supervisor-approved external activities as reported with the Performance Development Plan (PDP). The 20 hours may include a maximum of 4 hours related to work site wellness. Exemptions to training may be made in writing by an employee’s supervisor. The training year will coincide with the schedule for the annual PDP.

III. Consulting Activities

Central Piedmont employees are encouraged to share their professional expertise and knowledge by participating in consulting activities provided the following guidelines are met:

A. The employee's travel and expenses must be paid by the institution or agency receiving consulting services or by the employee.

B. Other than honoraria of $100 or less paid in recognition of professional courtesies for services rendered in accreditation or other collegial obligations, the employee must charge to vacation leave the days spent in paid consulting or request leave without pay.

Changes approved by Cabinet on November 18, 2002; February 24, 2005; July 16, 2012; January 5, 2015