4.06 Length of Contracts

I. Definitions

A. Contract Period, Academic Year: The 10-month period of College operations from August through May.

B. Contract Period, Fiscal Year: The 12-month period beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of the next year.

II. Regulations

A. Generally, contracts are issued for periods of either the academic or fiscal year. If warranted by special circumstances, contracts for periods of other lengths may be issued.

B. The decision about contract length and beginning date will be made by the employee's supervising administrators who will consider the projected requirements of the College and the availability of the employee.

C. The contract length for new instructional positions coincides with the academic year. Exceptions require the approval of the President.

D. A full-time exempt employee may request a change in his/her contract period. Such a request must be made of the immediate supervisor by May 1 of the current fiscal year. In considering the request, the governing factor will be the projected requirements of the College. Changes in contract length require the approval of the Vice President and the President. (Cabinet, July 10, 2000)

III. Information About Benefits in Relation to Contract Periods

A. Basic coverage for individual health, dental, and life insurance premiums are paid by the College for 10-month contract personnel who are between academic contract periods.

B. For full-time exempt personnel, a contract of 10 or 12 months duration is credited as a full year when computing length of service for state longevity pay and retirement.

C. Sick leave is not accrued by personnel while they are between academic contract periods.

Changes approved by Cabinet on July 10, 2000; March 19, 2001; November 21, 2005