Semester Calendar

SUMMER 2018  Regular Registration Calendar

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May 21        
Semester Start Date
June 1
Submit completed and signed copies of pages 1, 2 and 3-A from your workbook to your Faculty Coordinator.   At a minimum, signatures from you and your supervisor are required prior to submission.
July 1 -    July 6
Your Faculty Coordinator will contact your employer to set up a specific time to visit your worksite.

July 18

Completed workbook is due to your CPCC Faculty Coordinator.
Ensure the following pages are fully completed, signed and dated:

  • Work-based learning Agreement
  • Measurable Learning Objectives (MLO's)
  • Both time sheets (add up hours and note as indicated)
  • Employer Evaluation (including % and initials of supervisor for each MLO)
  • Student Self-Evaluation