Thank you for your interest in work-based learning, also known as co-op. Please review the FAQs below to learn more about this program. Connect with us at one of our six campuses by viewing the Contact Us page.

We look forward to helping you put your education to work!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is work-based learning/co-op?

Work-based Learning is a semester-long class that you register for in order to gain college credit and practical work experience in your program of study. You will learn valuable skills at an employer’s work site and experience putting classroom study and theory into practice.

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How do I get the process started?

To find out if work-based learning is in your program of study, do one of the following:

  • Review our list of approved programs that have work-based learning;
  • Contact your campus coordinator;
  • Contact the assigned faculty coordinator for work-based learning in your program of study;
  • Review your program evaluation via the CPCC main webpage/My College to see if work-based learning is listed in your program.  Look for the prefix “WBL” ("COE") listed as either as a required course or elective.

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Work-based Learning is in my program of study. Are there prerequisites?

Each program of study has different prerequisites or eligibility requirements required to take the class. Check with either the faculty coordinator or campus coordinator for details.

All students are required to complete the student application and have a faculty coordinator give their signed approval. The approved application is then given to the campus coordinator.

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When should I have paperwork completed?

As a general guideline, the application should be completed by:

  • July 1st for the fall semester
  • October 15th for the spring semester
  • April 1st for the summer semester

The paperwork should be submitted to the campus coordinator as soon as possible prior to the semester that you want to complete the work-based learning experience.

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How do I find a work-based learning opportunity that is right for me?

The best place to start is to discuss your interest with either the program faculty coordinator or campus coordinator. Each semester, CPCC partners with numerous employers who provide work-based learning opportunities for our students. You can also find your own work site, but you will need to make sure that it is approved by faculty.

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What are the hourly requirements?

Over a semester, you will work a set weekly schedule to complete a minimum of either 160 hours for a one-credit class or 320 hours for a two credit class. You will coordinate a schedule with your on-the-job supervisor, keeping in mind your class schedule for that semester. Some work sites may offer you the opportunity to work more than the minimum number of hours.

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Will I be paid for the work experience?

We encourage employers to pay students, but not all work-based learning experiences are paid. In some programs of study, the work experience must be unpaid due to licensure restrictions. Check with either the faculty or workplace learning coordinator for more details.

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Do I need to interview or provide a resume?

Yes, you will need to interview for positions. Many employers ask to see a resume or portfolio or your work. Ask a faculty or workplace learning coordinator for details. If you need resume assistance or interview practice, please contact Career Services.

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