Semester Calendar

FALL 2017 - Faculty Regular Registration Calendar

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On the class census date, mark "P" for "present" in the online attendance system. No further attendance is needed, unless the student stops attending the worksite during the semester.

September 5

Collect signed and dated pages 1, 2 and 3-A from workbook, from each student.  Sign, date and forward to your assigned Workplace Learning Coordinator the following business day.


October 30 -      November 4      

Contact the Employer to set up a visit to the student's work site.

Complete the Faculty On-Site Visit Form and submit to your Workplace Learning  Coordinator before the first day of exam week.


December 14

Completed workbook is due in the Workplace Learning Office.

  • Ensure student has completed the appropriate number of hours for their work experience.
  • Review workbook to ensure all pages are completed/signed/dated.
  • Assign a grade in the student's workbook and in the on-line grading system.
  • Grades must be entered within two business days after the semester ends. Enter an "I" (incomplete) or "F" if no workbook is submitted.