Frequently Asked Questions

Do we pay our work-based learning/co-op students?

You may list the position as paid or unpaid, but we do encourage employers to consider listing a position as paid. Because of the GPA requirement and pre-requisite courses, students often boast a strong academic record and knowledge base. Paid positions typically elicit a greater response from students.

When for-profit businesses host unpaid students, they should click here to review the Department of Labor's fact sheet regarding unpaid internships in the for-profit sector. The Workplace Learning department cannot determine if a business is in compliance with the Department of Labor guidelines.

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After partnering with CPCC's work-based learning program, will a student be assigned to us?

No, you will not be assigned a student. You will select the student who you consider to be the best match according to the needs of your company. You have access to student applications and résumés and will interview potential candidates.

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Which students are eligible to participate in work-based learning?

Generally speaking, a student must be enrolled in a program of study that offers work-based learning, meet minimum GPA requirements, and have completed a specified portion of the curriculum prior to the work experience. Students also have to be recommended by both the Faculty Coordinator and the Workplace Learning office.

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Will we provide students with benefits?

No. Employers are not required to provide work-based learning students with health insurance or other employee benefits. An employer is expected to comply with state laws regarding Worker's Compensation Liability Insurance, and to verify if their policy covers students/interns. Please review the additional policies that are outlined in the Employer section of the website.

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I’ve done all the paperwork. Where’s my list of potential students?

Once you have listed your position with the Workplace Learning office, we announce the position through campus postings and via Faculty Coordinators. We may also contact individual students who we believe best match the needs of your company. Interested students then authorize us to send the employer their application or résumé.

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What if a student is placed with me and we find that it's a poor fit?

While we strive ensure the quality and compatibility of work-based learning students, occasionally a partnership does not work out. In such a case, we would make every effort to resolve the situation. As an employer, you can count on the support and commitment of the Faculty Coordinator and Workplace Learning Coordinator. We encourage the employer, if an issue arises, to contact the Workplace Learning office immediately.

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What exactly are my responsibilities as an on-the-job supervisor?

To provide the student with a relevant, program-related learning experience. The supervisor, student and Faculty Coordinator develop three (3) measurable learning objectives (MLOs) for the student to learn over the course of the semester. The supervisor also meets with the Faculty Coordinator during the on-site visit, supervises the student, and completes an evaluation.

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What’s in it for me?

Participation in work-based learning allows you to introduce students to your company work ethic, requirements, and operation. You gain a competitive edge by having a strong role in the education of future full-time or part-time employees. It also gives you the chance to evaluate prospective employees before making a long-term commitment.

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I’m interested in hosting a CPCC student. What's the next step?

Contact the Workplace Learning office at (704) 330-6217 or send an email to workplace.learning@cpcc.edu. You may also complete our online Employer Position Request Form.

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