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Groninger Apprentices

Apprenticeships are an effective recruiting and training strategy for your company, even for jobs beyond the traditional trade skills. CPCC's Apprenticeship Charlotte offers a customized program to fit your company's business needs.






  • Establish job training standards and expectations.
  • Develop loyal, skilled employees who value company culture.
  • Nurture your own pipeline of talent for hard-to-fill positions.
  • Validate your work force as state registered journeymen.

Getting Started

  1. Experienced Workplace Learning staff visits your site to understand your specific job requirements.
  2. CPCC recommends learning programs that match your job skill needs.
  3. A state liaison aligns the occupational title with the educational component and OJT hours.
  4. We work jointly to recruit top candidates based on your selection and hiring process.

Contact Us

Email us at workplace.learning@cpcc.edu to learn more about Apprenticeship Charlotte and custom training needs.