Fast Track

CPCC Harper Campus Welding Technology

Fast Track Program


Certified Welding Program for students; if you’re seeking professional training in the welding industry CPCC’s Welding Technology Fast Track Program can equip you with the skills and credentials you’ll need to secure employment in the commercial or non-commercial construction industry, Broilers and Pressure Vessels, and American Petroleum Industry.


As a student in CPCC’s Fast Track Welding Certificate program, you’ll learn to weld structural steel plate and pipe to AWS D1.1 standards. Our curriculum classes, totaling 18 credit hours, will train you in the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) process on mild steel. SMAW Welding process is mostly used in the Construction and Maintenance work.

 They include:


·         WLD 110 (Cutting Processes--Oxy-fuel, Track Bruner, Pipe Beveler (fuel), CAC-A, Plasma Arc, Shear, & Band-Saws)

·         WLD-115  SMAW--Level I—Padding Carbon Steel Plate W/ Stringer Beads, Weave Beads and Fillet Welds in the four basic joints (TEE, Butt, Lapp, & Corner) and four positions (1F, 2F, 3F, & 4F)

·         WLD-116—SMAW Level II— Single-VEE Groove Butt joint, using .375” Carbon Steel Plate in the four basic position (1G flat, 2G horizontal, 3G vertical, & 4G overhead).

·         WLD-215--SMAW Level III—Single-VEE Groove Butt Joint with included angle of 75° minimum in the three most common positions (2G Horizontal, 5G vertical, & 6G 45° fixed position)

·         WLD-141-Symbols and Specifications—students learn to interpret complex mechanical drawing, weld symbols, welding symbols for pipe, bar, plate, round bar channels and angle materials for the fabrication of various products and construction relate projects or structures.


Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive your skills certification assessment in accordance with the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1, Structural Welding Code--Steel (up to the pipe level). After completion of the SMAW Fast Track class students can take the AWS Qualification Test on either Plate or Pipe at a discount price which provides proof of welding competency.


All weld tests are conducted at the CPCC AWS Accredited Test Facility at the College’s Harper Campus. Our Instructors are AWS Certified Welding Inspectors. Fast Track classes begin each semester. To enroll or to learn more about the CPCC’s Welding program, please contact:

Steven Gore, Program Chair Welding
Applied Technologies Division
Harper Campus CPCC