Open Projects Initiative


The CPCC Open Projects Initiative (OPI) is an effort to share information with other institutions and groups about development projects built and maintained by the Central Piedmont Community College Web Services group.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is a work in progress and new things will be added on a regular basis

This effort is the result of numerous requests from institutions regarding the implementation of Google Apps for Education at CPCC. We feel it is important to share the work and knowledge we have accomplished with others. This sharing helps all who participate and more importantly helps to provide better service and education to students.

What you will find

On this site you will find information related to a number of Web Services projects. Some of these projects are open source and will be identified as such (all open source projects are hosted via Google Code and freely available to download and use).

The site also includes information related to non-open source projects as well as related information on all projects (e.g. marketing materials, requirements documents, implementation plans, FAQ's and more).

How do I find out more?

To find out more information or to ask additional questions on any project listed please visit the Contact Information link for more details