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2017-2018 Certification Agreement Download

• I understand that I am required to submit a VA Certification Request Form and Program Evaluation each semester to request certification.

• I understand that I can only be certified for courses that fulfill requirements for my program of study. I will verify this by running a Program Evaluation through my CPCC My-College account.

• I acknowledge that I cannot be certified for any college courses that were previously passed with a grade of "D” or higher.

• I understand that DRE and DMA courses cannot be certified for VA benefits if taken online.

• I understand that if I don’t complete my DMA/DRE course with passing grades, I need to contact the VAEBO.

• If I am on VA Probation, I understand that I am required to attend an "On Track" Meeting before I can be certified.

• I will report absences of more than one week in duration to the VAEBO. Absences could jeopardize VA eligibility and create student debt/overpayment.

• I acknowledge that any overpayments/debts are my financial responsibility. Overpayments occur if I change my schedule, have absences and/or stop attending courses, or have a "W" as the final grade.

• I understand that if I change my program of study I am required to submit a VA Form 22-1995 (Ch. 30,33, 33TOE, or 1606) or 22-5495 (Ch. 35 and 33 FRY) to the VAEBO.

• I understand that short-session courses might affect my rate of pay. I am aware that the VA only pays for credit hours during the term dates.

• If I drop/withdraw from a course(s), stop attending, or change my status in any way I am required to notify CPCC's VAEBO immediately and complete a VAEBO Schedule Adjustment Form.

• I understand that “Incomplete (I)” grades must be tracked until a final grade is posted.

• I understand that I need to notify the VAEBO when I apply for graduation.

• I understand that the means of communication is through my CPCC email account.