Academic Standards


Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students receiving VA education benefits are required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (a grade point average of 2.0 or better). Educational assistance benefits to veterans and eligible persons will be discontinued once the student ceases to make satisfactory progress toward completion of his/her training. These standards are described in the Veterans Affairs section of the CPCC catalog.

Veterans and other eligible persons are required to seek academic assistance by contacting their instructor, counselor, advisor, or the CPCC’s Veterans Affairs Educations Benefits Office (VAEBO) before academic difficulties place them on ‘Probation’ or ‘Suspension.’

  • Probation: If a student receives a semester grade point average (GPA) that is less than 2.0, they are placed on probation. Students on probation must complete an “on-track” meeting with an advisor from the Center for Military Families and Veterans prior to being certified. If a student’s term and cumulative GPA are above a 2.0 at the end of the semester while they serve their probation they come off probationary status.

  • Continued Probation: If a student who is on probation makes satisfactory academic progress for a term, but still has a cumulative GPA below 2.0, they are on continued probation. Students on continued probation must complete a follow-up “on-track” meeting at the end of the semester and will remain on continued probation until both the term and cumulative GPA are both above a 2.0.

  • Suspension: If a student on probation or continued probation does not make satisfactory academic progress for a term while on probation they will go on VA education benefit suspension. At CPCC, we cannot certify a student on suspension until a student has made satisfactory academic progress for one semester. If a student on VA education benefit suspension makes satisfactory academic progress they can use their benefit for following semesters as long as the student continues to make satisfactory academic progress.


If a veteran affairs student is requesting benefits and is currently on probation or suspension, a letter of notification of unsatisfactory progress is sent to the student's CPCC email account and it is the student’s responsibility to comply with the requirements stated. If the student is on Suspension, their eligibility is terminated until they meet the Standards of Academic Progress required to place them back into an eligible status to receive their VA education benefits.

The CPCC VAEBO is required to work with instructors to monitor attendance and/or participation. When a cessation of attendance/participation is identified, it is required that VA be notified so that monetary adjustment can be made, if necessary. An overpayment from VA may result, for which the students will be held responsible.

If a student using VA education benefits receives a grade of “F” and completes the class they may still receive VA benefits for that course. An exception would be if they did not complete the final exam and did not attend class according to the college policy. If a student fails to attend class and/or take the final exam, the VA Regional Office is notified and the student is classified as having received an overpayment of funds. Any overpayments are the student’s responsibility. VA students may receive benefits to retake a required course if they previously received a failing grade.

Also see Withdrawal for information on how benefits may be affected by withdrawing from a course.

Students should not register again for a course for which you have received an Incomplete (the letter grade of "I" will appear on your record), but you should follow the arrangements you originally made with the instructor in order to convert the "I" to a grade after the requirements are completed. The course will always remain associated with the original term. Please contact the VAEBO if you receive an “I” as a course grade.