Tutoring Services

Student Support Services TRIO Program offers individualized tutorial services that develop independent learning, facilitate insight into learning and the learning processes, and respect the student’s individual differences. These services are provided in a safe and caring environment where the learning opportunity is maximized.

The provision of the tutorial services enhances the prospects that the Student Support Services students will persist in their educational careers and graduate or transfer to a senior institution. Our tutoring program is nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. This means, tutors receive ongoing supervision and training to increase/improve their skills. They must be knowledgeable about their area of study; but they also must demonstrate their ability to explain the subject material clearly and patiently.

The purpose of tutoring services are:

  • To provide supportive services for academically disadvantaged students
  • To reduce classroom failure rates
  • To develop basic skills
  • To improve CPCC student retention
  • To serve as refresher sessions for students who are academically strong but have forgotten basic curriculum principles
  • To develop a positive attitude toward learning; to develop effective study habits
  • To develop self-confidence
  • To increase the student’s understanding of the subject matter.

Tutoring sessions begin the second week of the semester and continue through to exam week.

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