Am I eligible for these services?

You are if:

  • you meet the minimum Accuplacer test scores:  Reading--34   Sentence Skills--65

    exemption from or completion of the Mathmatics course ABL 6014.

      • you are a currently enrolled, or registered for six (6) credit hours, in a curriculum program
      • you have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
      • you are a first generation college student (this means that neither of your parents hold a bachelor's degree
      • you meet the current requirements for low income families,


      • if you have a disability that affects your academic progress.

      Please note:

      Because our mission is to guide students through the college process, students with more than 40 credit hours may not be eligible for our services.


      TRIO Student Support Services will not be accepting new applications until the the spring semester begins in January, 2015.