Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I get information on your programs?

Please call us! You can find the contact name for each program on this website. Undecided and need quick information? Call the Transport Systems Division Director, David Favre 704.330.4150. He is always available to answer your questions.You can also attend an Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM) session. We describe all of our Transport Systems Technologies programs at the Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM).

Can I take a tour of your facilities?

Of course!  You can always call to arrange for a tour of the Transport Systems Technology Division by calling 704.330.4150 or 704-.330.4133. We also have scheduled Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM) tours where you will meet the instructors and learn about our program. You can register for one of these sessions by clicking TSIM and selecting the date, time and campus that you would like to attend.   .

Do you guarantee job placement for your Transport Systems students?

We have relationships with Transport Systems businesses all over the country who wish to sponsor our students.  We refer our students to them. You can learn more about our partnerships by attending an Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM) or by calling David Favre, TST Division Director at 704.330.4150.

Do I have to purchase my own tools or do you provide them?

For more information, please review specific program requirements.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Once you’ve completed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at: you are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants listed on CPCC’s Financial Aid webpages. Learn more about Financial Aid by  attending our Transportation Systems Information Meeting (TSIM) , calling us, or Financial Aid at 704.330.6942.

How do I create my schedule?

You can view a sample schedule for each of the Transport Systems programs on this website. Your Faculty Advisor can give you the class’ specific section numbers, and unblock the courses for your registration. This is to ensure you are registering for the correct courses, in the right order. You can learn more about our class assignments and registration by attending one of our Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM), by calling the contact person for your program on this website or the Division Director, David Favre 704.330.4150.

Do I need to take my general education courses before I begin my Automotive/DHET or Collision classes?

It is preferable for you to take your general education courses in the same semester you are registered for your Transport Systems classes.

Will I be ready to go to work as soon as I graduate from my Transport Systems program?

Our degree programs contain a Work-based Learning  component. Successful graduates of our program(s) are working long before they graduate. Learn more about our earn-while-you-learn programs by attending a Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM) or by calling one of our program contacts on this website.

Where do I begin?

If you know the program you want, Get Started! If you need more information and want a tour, call one of our program contacts or attend a Transport Systems Information Meeting  (TSIM). Register for a Transport Systems Information Meeting (TSIM) today.