CAT: Scholarship Information


The Carolina Tractor Scholarship provides financial assistance to students enrolled in the Carolina CAT Service Technician Program in the Heavy Equipment and Transport Systems Technology Division of Central Piedmont Community College. Established by Carolina Tractor and Equipment Company of Charlotte, NC and the Caterpillar Foundation of Peoria, IL, the Scholarship will support students pursuing a specialized diploma in preparation for careers as construction equipment service professionals. The Scholarship will be applied to the cost of recipients’ tuition, fees, books, and materials.

The following requirements will govern the Scholarship application and awarding process.

  • Individuals will be enrolled in or have been accepted for enrollment in the Carolina CAT Service Technician Program.
  • Individuals will complete the Scholarship application form and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Financial Aid) form.
  • Scholarship recipients will be selected by a Carolina Tractor Scholarship Committee in consultation with the College’s office of financial aid. Retention of the Scholarship is contingent upon maintaining a minimum 2.5 grade point average.
  • The Scholarship will be utilized for tuition, fees, books, and materials which are related to study in the Carolina CAT Service Technician Program.


The Carolina CAT Scholarship is managed by Central Piedmont Community College Foundation. The Foundation will transmit Scholarship awards to recipients’ College accounts as instructed by the Scholarship Committee and will provide reports regarding the use of Scholarship funds to Carolina Tractor and Equipment Company representatives.