Resources for Faculty

CPCC instructors are encouraged to use this as a resource to make classroom announcements about the Tobacco-Free College Policy

CPCC became a 100% Tobacco-Free College on January 2, 2010. Communicating this change to our students is important to the success of this policy. In support of our communications efforts, we would appreciate classroom and lab instructors making the following announcement to their students at the beginning of each semester.

Thank you.

(If in a smart classroom, please pull up .)


CPCC is a 100% tobacco-free college. This important policy applies at all times as outlined below:

  • All college property on all campuses
  • All buildings, grounds, and parking lots
  • All students, employees, visitors
  • All forms of tobacco (including smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes/vapes)

CPCC students who currently use tobacco products and would like to quit have access to a number of helpful resources. (On the website, go to the “Want to Quit?” link on the left navigation bar.)

CPCC Counseling Services staff members have engaged in training about supporting people who are trying to quit using tobacco products. Counselors are available to talk with students about making healthy lifestyle changes. The Counseling Services office can be contacted at 704.330.6433.

Students who continue to use tobacco products on campus will be in violation of College policy and the Student Code of Conduct and will be handled through the disciplinary process.

CPCC believes that tobacco-free campuses model healthy behaviors and offer individuals of all ages a healthier place to learn, work, and visit. Thank you for supporting this change on our campuses.


Optional additional information:

A survey of CPCC students and employees in March 2009 yielded these results:

  • 21% of CPCC students/employees respondents currently use tobacco products
  • 23% of CPCC students/employees reported a health condition that makes it difficult to be around tobacco smoke
  • 64% of CPCC students/employees believe more needs to be done on CPCC campuses to reduce tobacco use
  • 64% of CPCC students/employees indicated that they would support a 100% tobacco-free college policy

The Tobacco-Free College policy at CPCC became effective on January 2, 2010. That is the same day that smoking was banned in all public restaurants and bars in North Carolina.