Component Two

Five faculty from the English, Reading, and Humanities Division have volunteered to serve as the leaders of the classroom-based Title III activities. They are: Dee Shamsid-Deen, Lisa Foley, Deanna Highe, Patty Hill, and James Kirkpatrick. These faculty have been working to begin development of a faculty training series for all (full- and part-time) faculty teaching students in the developmental English and reading areas. These five will be the faculty trainers for the length of the five-year grant.

One early stage of this development process involved a “train-the-trainer” staff development activity on November 5, 6, and 7, with Sharon Burton of Brookhaven Community College (part of the Dallas, Texas, Community College District). Brookhaven has had a Title III grant since 1999 which involves a faculty training component, and Sharon Burton has been the designated trainer for the entire length of the grant. She presented workshops on the Critical First Three Weeks of a Course, Learning Style/Personality Type, and Diversity Issues. The second two workshops were also attended by staff from the counseling/advising area.

The workshops were very well received and were rated highly by the attendees. Particularly helpful was the fact that Sharon Burton gave CPCC all of the training materials that Brookhaven has developed to support faculty and staff training under their Title III grant. This will save us a lot of time and effort in developing our own materials!

A second part of Component II is establishment of an online tutorial/supplemental instruction component for all development English and reading courses. Faculty members Brad Bostian and Lisa Foley are leading this effort, which already involves tests of several online tutorial/instruction products. Lisa and Brad will be working with the other developmental faculty in their division to assess the effectiveness and usability of these products during the 2003/2004 academic year, so that we can choose a package for use by all students beginning in the 2004/2005 year.