Component Three

The biggest news in this area is that Luke Arno is our new Component III Director. He is the only “new hire” of our staff paid through Title III funds. The good news for Luke is that his fellow ITS personnel – notably David Kim and Veena Patel – have been hard at work on the Component III projects for some time now.

The main focus of Component III is on student tracking and information. Luke and the ITS staff are working closely with the Title III leadership and assessment groups to create a user-friendly student tracking system which will “pull” data from a variety of sources, including the Legacy and Colleague systems (as well as systems from outside vendors) in order to provide advisors, counselors, and faculty members with detailed information about students.

Again, CPCC is working closely with Brookhaven College in Texas to modify a system developed by Brookhaven for our own use. In this case, our ITS area has also been working to help Brookhaven improve and automate its own student tracking system, creating a win-win situation for both colleges.

Current work on this system is focusing on what elements need to be included in the student tracking system. Excellent progress is being made, and this part of the Title III activity is on schedule.