Component One

The Counseling and Advising Services staff will be the key personnel involved in the development of a new Student Services model. This model will be used in the Student Success Centers, which will be implemented on every CPCC campus within the next five years. Preparations are underway for the renovations involved in creating a Student Success Center for Central Campus. The Student Success Center on Central will involve all the services available in the Central High Building, with the major change that students entering the building (at the entrance facing Elizabeth Avenue, in the center of the building) will walk through an information center, where staff will greet and assist them as soon as they come through the door.

Final selection of two assessment instruments to determine the learning/cognitive styles and personality types of students is being done now, in coordination with the activities of the Title III Assessment Team. All students placing into developmental reading or English will eventually be assessed in these ways, so that faculty members and advisors/counselors can use this information to help students be more successful.

A comprehensive orientation course (ACA111) has been piloted and is being used with a pilot group of 100 students, who will subsequently be assigned to sections of developmental reading or English classes taught by faculty participating in first-year Component II activities. Eventually, all students placing into developmental reading or English classes on the CPT will take ACA 111 as part of their courses of study.