Project Management

In addition to the managers assigned to the grant as part of their normal workloads, many other participants are spending a good deal of time working to ensure the success of this complex project designed to make CPCC more of a “Learning College.”

As the overview provided on this webpage indicates, CPCC’s Title III activity is designed to improve the success of students who are “at-risk.” For the purposes of our grant activity, we defined a specific population of students as being at an especially high risk of being unsuccessful – those who place into developmental reading or English courses based on their Computerized Placement Test (CPT) scores. The Title III Activity seeks to improve the College’s work with these students in three main areas: Student Services, Instruction, and Student Tracking.

The evaluation process for the Title III activity will be integrated with existing components of the College’s annual planning and budget process. To ensure that the objectives of the activity are met, we have convened a Title III Assessment Team to work out the ongoing logistics of project assessment.

The members of this work group are:

Emma Brown, Title III Project Director

Clint McElroy, Title III Activity Director

Rita Dawkins, Component I Director (Enrollment and Student Services)

Laura Goppold, Component II Director (Instruction)

Stephen Swanson, Component III Director (Information Technology Services)

Patty Hill, English, Reading and Humanities Division

James Bazan, Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

Bobbie Fields, Planning and Research

Michael Horn, Resource Development

Veena Patel, Information Technology Services

This group has worked diligently to set a framework for assessment which will allow us to evaluate the success of the various components of the project.

Overall project management is off to a great start, thanks largely to the wealth of experience of the members of the management group.

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