THE Geek Fest (TGF) seeks energetic and enthusiastic people who wish to get involved and assist with event tasks and coordinating on the day of event. So, exactly what type of event volunteer activities and opportunities are we looking to for? What kinds of things can you help with?

Below are a few volunteer "get involved" ideas to consider:

  • Event marketing and promotions
  • Event planning, brainstorming sessions and creative contributions
  • Setup prior to and on the day of the event
  • Help us communicate with internal and external collaborators
  • Check-in and attendee support on the day of the event
  • Hospitality to event contributors and participants on the day of the event
  • Help support presenters as they prepare to present
  • Connect your student club or organization with the event
  • Be a photographer on the day of the event
  • Be a videographer on the day of the event
  • Event-related social media


Certainly, there are more options and ways that you can get involved. If you have a specific need or skill that you think could be put to good geek use, let us know. To get started volunteering, apply now and our volunteer coordinator connect with you soon.


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