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Welcome to the official website the 8th annual celebration of technology and innovation, THE Geek Fest 2011 (TGF2011). This FREE community event highlights emerging technology, industry, career opportunities, startups and innovators. TGF2011 is being held at Central Piedmont Community College's (CPCC) Levine campus in Matthews, North Carolina (NC). The event begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m. Geek is chic!

THE Geek Fest 2011 @ CPCC

39 Sessions of Geeky Goodness

THE Geek Fest 2011 (TGF2011) offers 39 quality conference-style presentations and topic sessions for one amazingly low price -- FREE. Topics range from mobile development and animation to social media and Education. There is something for everyone and all levels of geek during TGF2011. Sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and are generally 1 hour in length with 15 minute breaks between. Seating is limited so try to get there early and grab your spot! Email geekfest@cpcc.edu of tweet @thegeekfest if you have any questions.

Sessions + Presentations

Visit this area of THE Geek Fest event web site for information about TGF2011 topics, the sessions and presentations that you can attend, professional development credit for CPCC employees, live webcasts and more!

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Sponsors + Supporters

TGF2011 would like to offer a very special thank you to our special event supporters and sponsors. Their financial and resource support that they offer allow this event to grow. Visit their establishments and show them some love!

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Gaming Geeks Compete @ Halo Reach

Halo ReachExperience new video games and compete in gaming competitions throughout the day! This year, TGF will be facilitating a Halo Reach death match tournament during which top-placing participants can win a VIBRAS Five.One headset by Track Scan! At least two rounds will be facilitated beginning in the morning and running through mid-afternoon. Sign-up for your spot at the event!

Sponsored by VIBRAS Five.One by Track Scan - The official gaming headset of TGF2011. Co-Sponsored by CPCC's Go Global club which promotes students' development of a global perspective and study abroad pursuits.

Kinect for Xbox 360

Kinect for Xbox 360Introducing Kinect for Xbox 360. You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos, just you! Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine.

VIBRAS Five.One by Track Scan

VIBRAS Five.One by Track ScanThe VIBRAS , designed specifically for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live®, uses Dolby® Digital AC3 and special “sound-canal” technology to create a true 5.1 channel surround sound experience. With five individually encoded discrete audio channels pulsating through 10 speakers (five in each ear cup), gamers who use the VIBRAS Five. One enjoy unprecedented sound quality. Join in on the gaming competition during THE Geek Fest for your chance to win.

Hackerspace Charlotte

Hackerspace CharlotteHackerspace Charlotte is a non-profit organization formed by a group of technology-inclined hobbyists. Hackerspace Charlotte is also a location where people with common interests, usually in computers, technology, or digital and electronic art can meet, socialize and/or collaborate. Hackerspace Charlotte can be viewed as an open community lab incorporating elements of a machine shop, workshop and studio where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things.

Don't miss our display area during TGF2011 we have a "Technology" machine which dispenses small electronics kits (and sometimes candy). We'll also be displaying some of our latest projects such as a DIY 3D printer, DIY quadcopters (remote-controlled helicopters with four rotating blades), and small BEAM bots.

Product Development and Intellectual Property @ Enventys

EnventysEnventys was created to provide a one-stop vertically integrated solution to product development. From ideation to distribution, we can handle all of your needs, no matter what they are. We provide a simple and cost-effective strategy to launching new products or to growing your existing business. Our deep experience in these fields allows for cost-effective execution that delivers results.

Speed Geeks: Tour The Joe Hendrick Center for Automotive Technology

CPCC AutomotiveCome see the latest in automotive technologies and motorsports! CPCC has great resources at the "Joe Hendrick Center for Automotive Technology" and the North Campus Transport Technology Center. Tours will be hosted throughout the day from 9:00am-12:00pm and hosted in the Joe Hendrick Automotive building (JH) of CPCC's Levine Campus. This is presented by a CPCC Transportation Systems Technology.

Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick MotorsportsIn 26 years of competition, Hendrick Motorsports has garnered nine NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championships, three NASCAR Camping World Truck Series titles and one NASCAR Nationwide Series crown (formerly Busch Series), making it one of stock-car racing's premier organizations. Rick Hendrick is just the second team owner in NASCAR's modern era to earn more than 185 Cup Series victories.

Speed Geeks of NASCAR + Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick Motorsports race carsSee retired Hendrick Motorsports race cars featuring authentic chassis that have been fielded in NASCAR competition. The Chevrolets of Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson will be on hand.

eLearning and Online Courses @CPCC

eLearning and Online Courses @CPCC: Instructional Development / eLearning

CPCC eLearningA display and several sessions will be hosted by CPCC's eLearning area on online course development and management. Educators and college faculty are encouraged to attend. Professional Development credit will be awarded to employees. CPCC offers eLearning courses in a variety of convenient formats to meet the needs of our students: television and video-based telecourses, online Internet-based courses, non-credit training courses and more!

21st century Digital Forensics: Be a Cybercrime Fighter

21st century Digital Forensics: Be a Cybercrime Fighter

Cyber Crime and Digital ForensicsWith all the new gadgets, tools, and toys now available to the public what will a Digital Forensic Examiner do? What devices have digital evidence? Can messages be taken off a phone by the police? Join us and stop by our display to discover hidden digital evidence.


sheek_geek.gifSheekGeek LLC is a small local company  (run out of our home) that has been a part of every geekfest since 2006. We love interacting with the community and trying to increase involment in science and technology. In past years at our booth, we have demonstrated and sold robot kits. Our main focus is introducing children of all ages to the concepts of science, technology and life-long learning skills. The 'chic' and 'geek' elements are in our name and are core concepts in our philosophy. Our motto is "Cleverly stylish lovers of technology." This quality is evident in our work when looking at the products we manufacture, resale, and even the types of articles on our blog.

Chic Geek Accessories: Recycled, Rebooted and Enhanced

Chic Geek Accessories: Recycled, Rebooted and Enhanced

Chic Geek AccessoriesCome by THE Geek Fest Accessories Store and browse through our selection of THE Geek Fest T-shirts and Sleek, Geek Jewelry. Chic Geek Accessories is technology junk that has been recycled, rebooted and enhanced with shiny peripheral components to make funky pendants, earrings, tie tacks, key chains, and more! These items make perfect gifts for the geek who has everything. Prices range from $10 - $35.

Non-Destructive Examination

NDETJobs are abundant in the field of Non-Destructive Examination Technology.  Non-destructive examination is a form of examining a material or part without damaging the intended usefulness of the component.  Visit the Non-Destructive Examination table at Geek Fest and learn more about this exciting field.  You may view our slide show and participate in equipment demonstrations.


SubwaySUBWAY is the undisputed leader in fast, healthy food. Our easy-to-prepare sandwiches are made to order-right in front of the customer - using freshly baked breads, select sauces and a variety of delicious toppings.

Skookum Digital Works

SkookumSkookum Digital Works was founded in 2005 by two friends that decided to dedicate their lives to helping creatives with their development issues. Nerds that wanted to give their lives for the good of the creative community. Like a charity... but not really. Company Overview We are like the Disneyland of programming—making all of your wildest dreams come true. Your design + our programming - your headache = happy end clients (and everyone loves happy end clients!) Mission Saving the internet one design at a time. Products You dream it and we'll program it.

Computer Training: Corporate and Continuing Education

computer trainingCPCC’s Corporate and Continuing Education Computer Training courses are for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance technology skills. Trends in technology can develop and change rapidly, and our Computer Training mission is to be there for the technology training needs of our local community. Visit our display at TGF to find out about our courses. Also, there are sessions throughout the day offered by some of our fabulous trainers!

Institute for Entrepreneurship

The Institute for EntrepreneurshipThe Institute for Entrepreneurship offers support to those who want to start a small business or those who want help with an existing business. The Institute seeks to increase the success of small business in Mecklenburg County by providing expert and readily accessible assistance to prospective and existing small business owners and their employees. The Institute will do this by creating an environment where entrepreneurial research, education and business support can flourish through education, training and counseling services.

It's All About Respect! @ Cricket Communications

CricketCricket respects your freedom and your wallet. While other wireless companies lock you into contracts with costly cancelation fees, we want you to stay a customer because you want to, not because you're forced to. We want you to talk as long as you want, whenever you want, so we don't limit your minutes (or hit you with penalties if you go over). We work hard to earn your loyalty, every day! Visit our display and attend sessions for your chance to a great prize from Cricket!


STARSStudents & Technology in Academia, Research & Service (STARS) is a National Community of Practice advancing innovation and discovery through regional partnerships to broaden participation in STEM. In this session, students in the CPCC STARS Program will discuss how they carry out this mission through undergraduate research, peer programming, special interest groups & K-12 outreach.

Engineering Ideas To Reality

CPCC Engineering Technology ProgramsThe Engineering Technology Programs at CPCC provide 12 different state of the art learning paths to modern work life in the technical field.  All the programs provide a well-rounded know-how for students to succeed in today’s competitive job market.  We have the most modern equipment to turn advanced ideas into reality.  Examples of student models from the Rapid Prototyping / Additive Manufacturing Center will be on display and we are looking forward to helping you with your rapid prototyping / additive manufacturing questions and ideas.

CPCC Civil Engineering Technology Program

No PhotoThe Civil Engineering Technology curriculum provides the application of relevant theory of engineering needed by technicians to carry out planning and supervisory tasks in the construction of transportation systems, residential and commercial buildings, bridges, dams, and water and waste-water treatment. Course work includes the communication and computational skills required to support the fields such as environmental technology, and surveying. Additional coursework will cover the operation of computers and application software including computer-aided drafting.


IEEEAttendee will see college multi-discipline engineering student projects of all different sizes and shapes and the infamous MARCY (Mobile Autonomous Red Color Yanker). Marcy was part of an international competition this past June in Vancouver. Sponsored IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) CPCC student Chapter and the CPCC Engineering Program. Stop by and hear stories from students speaking about some of their challenging, cutting edge and innovative solutions.

High Tech Metal: James Turner Institute of Welding Technology

WeldingThe CPCC's James Turner Institute of Welding Technology program will be putting a newer "geeky" spin on a trade with deep roots and great history. The Welding Technology curriculum provides students with a sound understanding of the science, technology, and applications essential for successful employment in the welding and metal industry.

Virtual Welding

Vrtex 360 - Virtual Reality Welding TrainerAirgas National Welders will demonstrate a Lincoln Electric Virtual Welding Machine (The VRTEX 360).  Students and guest will be able to interact with the latest in welding technology.  Meet Airgas National Welders' sales manager, Mark Holsinger, who will demonstrate this awesome, new, interactive mechanism for learning welding technology. This innovative equipment allows participants to explore how the highest quality welds are produced in the very high-paying field of welding technology.

The VRTEX® 360 is a Virtual Reality Arc Welding (VRAW™) trainer. This computer based training system is an educational tool designed to allow students to practice their welding technique in a simulated environment.  It promotes the efficient and effective transfer of skills from the virtual training environment to the weld booth. The VRTEX® reduces material waste, scrap and energy consumption associated with traditional welding training.

Liburdi Dimetrics

Liburdi DimetricsLiburdi Dimetrics has partnered with CPCC to establish an automated welding program. It would be our intention to display and demonstrate cutting edge equipment that will allow graduates to be on the forefront of the welding industry. Liburdi will provide live welding demonstrations with a state of the art weld head that fully encompasses the weld. Students will be able to see real time welding results in a matter of minuets. In addition we will provide displays of the equipment that CPCC will be using in their Welding Technology program. With a wide range of tech savvy gadgets that include welding heads with video from ends on them to portable welding machines that allow the welder to fuse tubing in a tuxedo, we will be a show stopper.

Modern Blacksmithing and Metal Art: The Black and Tans

The Black and TansVisit "The Black and Tans" organization outside for demonstrations of Thermoplastic Metal Manipulation (modern blacksmithing and metal art). The Black and Tans is an artisan based Student club that promotes an interdisciplinary approach to blacksmithing, jewelry making, metal sculpture, metal casting and other means of traditional metal working techniques.

Investing in The Future: Center For Sustainability

Center for SustainabilityThrough CPCC's new Sustainability Technologies degree program, along with workforce development, regional business partners and community workshops, the Center For Sustainability (CFS) is taking a lead role in education and training; preparing Charlotte and Mecklenburg County for a sustainable future. Visit the CFS display for more information about opportunities. Also, check-out the IR camera!

Biology: CPCC Science Department

CPCC BiologyCome meet representatives from CPCC's Biology program. At this display we will be working with DNA and participants will be able to make DNA necklaces. Attendees can also participate in a demonstration of an interactive computer game, Pandemic 2, which models the influenza virus. Ask questions and learn the truth about influenza and the H1N1 virus.

UniversalBusinessListing (UBL)

Universal Business Listing (UBL)Universal Business Listing (UBL) is a local search industry service dedicated to acting as a central collection and distribution point for business information online. UBL provides business owners and their marketing representatives with a one-stop location for broad distribution of complete, accurate, and detailed listing information.

Hands-on Animation Studio

John Lemmon FilmsAttendees can create their own animation using ReadyANIMATOR Mobile, the iPod touch and easy animation apps. JLF is a traditional animation studio producing clay animation, 2D animation and stop motion animation for TV commercials and videos. Clients include Disney, Pacific Bell, Cartoon Network. A portable animation studio will be on-hand for participants to create short stop-motion animation. This animation studio creates clay animated TV commercials for clients including Disney, Pacific Bell and Cartoon Network. John Lemmon will bring a portable animation studio so participants can create stop-motion animation.

Film and Video: CPCC Videography Program

film.jpgIndependent student films developed by CPCC Videography program will be displayed throughout the event. They will be bringing films they've produced, great video technologies and equipment, just in time interviews, telecasts and more! Take a moment to come by the videography table for entertainment and program information.

Media Resources: Cochran Enterprises

Cochran EnterprisesCochran Enterprises is a seasoned network of complete marketing, advertising and corporate media resources, which has worked directly in the product and service arenas from many Fortune 500 Corporations. See our display at THE Geek Fest and drop in at our short informational sessions and learn about how you can build a career around integrating elements from print, multimedia to film/video into a single, seamless voice.


ConCarolinasConCarolinas is the fastest growing sci-fi con in the Carolinas. We are primarily a literary con, focusing on the best of what the Carolinas has to offer in the speculative genres - sci-fi, fantasy and horror. We also deal in many of the cutting edge media technologies including podcasts, fan films and vidcasts.


JAARS, Inc.Through their TGF display, JAARS will share technology tools, software demonstrations and an interactive quiz on why computers can not just translate in a language.Caryl Mallory, director of IT engagement at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC, regularly presents at colleges and special events about the use of information technology to support Bible translation. Her team manages three website and distributes IT volunteer opportunities and helps place staff around the world.

Great Resources and Learning Tools: CPCC Bookstores

CPCC BookstoresYou can find outstanding learning resources and tools at the CPCC Bookstores by Barnes and Noble College including textbooks, e-books, software, clothing, technology and much more. This year, CPCC Bookstores are also providing attendees with some great door prizes that you can win by attending sessions! Be sure to check-out our display as we'll be showcasing the NOOK Study for students along with several eTextbook samples. Also, don't miss our session on the new Nook Study and e-books at 10:45 a.m.

City of Charlotte Mecklenburg County

City of Charlotte Mecklenburg CountyThrough this display, the City of Charlotte Mecklenburg County will highlight the City of Charlotte's efforts to improve customer service with improved technology. "Welcome to North Carolina’s largest metropolitan area. Once called Charlottetowne, the city was named Charlotte in 1762 in honor of the British Queen “Charlotte Sophia” while the county was named Mecklenburg to denote the region in Germany where she was born."

Speak Up Magazine

Speak Up MagazineSpeak Up Magazine is a Charlotte, NC-focused non-profit that provides job opportunities to homeless and low-income individuals, gives a voice to those without one, and educates the public about homelessness, disparity and ways to help. At the heart of this initiative is a printed magazine, Speak Up, that is distributed exclusively by homeless vendors. The magazine, slated for release in Summer 2011, will offer creative solutions, highlight what’s already working, and issue a rallying cry to those with resources and the desire to help.

The Project Life Movement

The Project Life MovementThe Project Life Movement will showcase the DKMS website which boasts visuals through YouTube and various social media to showcase the newest and greatest seamless technologies used during bone marrow donation drives and transplants. We will also be promoting/getting interested parties to sign up for the the February 16th Project Life Bone Marrow Drive at Levine CPCC Campus.

Check-Out Your Inner Geek at the Library

CPCC Library ServicesThe CPCC Library Services connects you with resources that speak to your geekiest interests. All you need is your personal computer. Want to unwind with a documentary? Watch streaming video from PBS. Need to fix your car? View repair diagrams online. Investing in the stock market? Research company and stock information. Have to take a standardized test? Take our online practice tests. Need to read up on a certain topic? Read thousands of eBooks. Best of all, help is never far away thanks to our 24/7 online chat reference service, NCknows.

Discover a Great Career: Career Services

Career ServicesLet CPCC's Career Services help you plan your career and take your job search to new heights. Experienced Career Counselors assist students with developing effective resumes and savvy interviewing skills, harnessing the latest job search techniques, discovering satisfying career options and much more.

Services, Resources, and Technologies For Students with Disabilities

CPCC Disability ServicesCPCC Disability Services provides comprehensive and innovative accommodations to assist students with disabilities in meeting their academic and career goals. Disability Services are available to students with a hearing, learning, physical, medical, visual, or psychological/psychiatric disability. Disability Services will highlight assistive and adaptive technologies that students with disabilities use to access course material (screen readers, e-books, peripherals, etc.), as well as technologies that can provide learning benefits for all students (like the LiveScribe pen, etc.)

Learning Technology Services: Digital Media Services

CPCC Digitial Media ServicesDigital Media Services, a division of CPCC's ITS Learning Technology Services, serves as a supporting agent to the CPCC Learning Unit through research-based analyses of classroom technologies and through college-wide audio/visual and media services. For TGF2011, DMS will be providing live webcasts of select sessions hosted in room 2150 of the Levine campus.

S-S Photography Studio

S-S Photography StudioS-S Photography Studio has been in business for over two years and still growing. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with quality work and affordable prices. S-S Photography Studio specializes in events, weddings, portraits, birthday parties, corporate events and more. Come check-out our display for more information. Also look for us taking photographs throughout the event.

Degree Programs @ DeVry University

DeVry UniversityDeVry degree programs are designed to meet the needs of today's fastest-growing industries and to prepare you for careers in business, engineering, healthcare, technology, media arts, and education. Come by the DeVry University table to see cool degrees in – Web Game Programming, Computer Forensics, Information Security and Game and Simulation and much more.

The Long Now Foundation Seminar Viewings

long_now.jpgTGF attendees will have an opportunity to view some outstanding seminars by The Long Now Foundation. The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to develop the Clock and Library projects, as well as to become the seed of a very long term cultural institution. The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today's "faster/cheaper" mind set and promote "slower/better" thinking. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years. Visit their web site or join The Long Now community online. Courtesy ofThe Long Now Foundation. Access the sessions + presentations area of TGF event site for details and exact times!


Metal-MorphosisMetal-Morphosis: Welding Technology and both welding clubs, the American Welding Society and the Black and Tan Club, present a creative new way to post things on the web. Students from CPCC’s Welding Technology program have created an artistic metal and wire web-like structure on which information can be captured and displayed. Check out the world’s only spider web geek.

Activities + Geekiness

This page will provide information regarding activities, displays and things to do during THE Geek Fest. Please note that this is page is being continually updated so check back soon for the most-to-date TGF information.

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Event Program

Click on the link provided to download the TGF2011 event program as a readable PDF file. Geek is chic!

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