THE Geek Festival 2008 Highlights and Presenters

the geek fest 2008
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event sponsors
dellDell Computers
From personal computing to small, medium or large business, Dell solutions come fully stocked. Find your solutions with Dell laptops, desktops, monitors, printers and computer accessories. Dell will be at this year's TGF to highlight new systems and consumer technologies. Additionally, stop by their display and ask about student purchasing programs that can get you into great, reliable systems at an outstanding  price!
ampmobile Ampmobile Conversions LLC
Ampmobile converts gas powered cars and trucks to totally electric. They also conduct ongoing research, development and education of clean, efficient, and affordable modes of transportation and alternative energies. "We strive to help people help themselves and better the environment." At TGF, come by and check-out a model electric-conversion car and attend their presentation session for more information.
Sonic Foundry
Sonic Foundry is a technology leader in the emerging rich media communications marketplace, providing enterprise solutions and services that link an information driven world. Sonic Foundry is changing the way organizations communicate via the web and how people around the globe receive vital information needed for work, professional advancement, safety and education.
office depotOffice Depot
If you're looking for Office Supplies, our name says it all. We have one of the widest selections of Office Furniture available on the market today. You can count on us for the low prices on Office Products every single day. Office Depot has also contributed great door prizes this year so attend sessions for your chance to win!
cpcc student lifeStudent Life
Student Life facilitates student learning and development by providing activities and services that enhance positive relationships among students, the College and the community. These relationships are created and nurtured through accessible programs and services, connections to campus and community resources, and co-curricular opportunities that focus on diversity, leadership, service, and personal well-being.
cpcc elearningeLearning
CPCC offers eLearning courses in a variety of convenient formats to meet the needs of our students: television and video-based telecourses, online Internet-based courses, non-credit training courses and more! A display and several sessions will be hosted by the eLearning area on online course development and management. Educators and college faculty are encouraged to attend. Professional Development credit will be awarded to employees.

presentations and sessions

Presentations, Break-Out Sessions, Roundtables, Discussions, etc.

iqbal quadirTechnology Empowers the Poorest
Presented by Iqbal Quadir and The Long Now Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
When Iqbal Quadir applied to US colleges from his home town in Bangladesh he was surprised to discover that not all American universities were found in Washington, DC. That’s how it was in Bangladesh, where everything of importance was centralized in the capital city, Dacca. He later realized that Bangladesh was not unique; in most developing countries, the infrastructure is concentrated in one or two cities, leaving the rural areas almost blank. As he acquired degrees and experience in finance, he realized that this centralization is not only a mark of poorer countries, it is probably a cause of their poverty. Quadir presents this broad outline of development in order to give context for his belief that technology can alleviate poverty. [more]
  • When: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
  • Where: Room 1408 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend this session for your opportunity to win great door prizes!
will wright and brian enoPlaying With Time
Presented by Will Wright & Brian Eno and The Long Now Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
In a dazzling duet Will Wright and Brian Eno gave an intense clinic on the joys and techniques of “generative” creation. Back in the 1970s both speakers got hooked by cellular automata such as Conway’s “Game of Life,” where just a few simple rules could unleash profoundly unpredictable and infinitely varied dynamic patterns. Cellular automata were the secret ingredient of Wright’s genre-busting computer game “SimCity” in 1989. Eno was additionally inspired by Steve Reich’s “It’s Gonna Rain,” in which two identical 1.8 second tape loops beat against each other out of phase for a riveting 20 minutes. That idea led to Eno’s “Music for Airports” (1978), and the genre he named “ambient music” was born. Wright observed that science is all about compressing reality to minimal rule sets, but generative creation goes the opposite direction. [more]
  • When: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
  • Where: Room 1302 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend this session for your opportunity to win great door prizes!
tom wright Behind the Scenes of 3D Animation Film Making,
Tom Wright, Computer Graphics Learning Center (CGLC)
From start to finish, an insider's overview of the 3D Animation production process. You'll get a rare look at how the most popular studios take an idea from a simple concept and make it into a multi-million dollar feature film. This presentation will provide an overview of each component of the process: Story, Visual Development, Layout, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Look Development, Effects, Lighting, Post Production.

Tom Wright is a visual effects artist who has nearly 10 years experience working for a wide variety of studios in the CG animation industry including high level film and television projects for Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Rhythm & Hues, and Disney Feature Animation. His last film, The Golden Compass won an Academy Award for Visual Effects.He recently wrapped-up on production of the upcoming Madagascar 2 movie.
portable habitatECObox: Building a Portable Sustaining Livable Habitat
CPCC Engineering Technologies
Center for Sustainability/Engineering Technology
Presented by DI von Briesen and Terence Fagan
The EcoBox is a self-contained environmentally sustainable workshop built from a standard shipping container. The workshop should comfortably accommodate two people for extended periods, and include all energy needs and waste disposal without connections to outside systems, excepting sunshine and rain. Using Life-Cycle Assessment tool on the major EcoBox systems / components we seek to examine "true" sustainability. This is known as a "cradle to grave" perspective, which will direct future EcoBox and its components designs. This project will be a leap towards a truly sustainable design. For more information please visit online @
  • When: 10:15 am - 11:15 am
  • Where: Room 1408 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend this session for your opportunity to win great door prizes!
mike drummondBecoming an "Everyday Edison" - How to progress from ideas to innovations.
Mike Drummond, editor-in-chief and co-owner of Inventors Digest
Do you have a great idea? How do you harness it, turn it in to reality, and make money from it? This presentation will introduce attendees to steps that they can take BEFORE investing in patents, engineering, etc, to turn ideas into innovations. What is driving national and global innovation?
Mike Drummond is editor-in-chief and co-owner of Inventors Digest, the longest-running publication in the invention industry. As a seasoned editor and journalist, he has covered major natural disasters, national economic issues and served two reporting tours in Iraq. He's a 2008 Pulitzer Prize finalist and winner of numerous investigative, feature, and business-writing awards. He's also the author of "Renegades of the Empire" (Random House/Crown Publishers, 2000), an inside story of Microsoft's computer-game and Internet ambitions. He works closely with Charlotte-based, product-development firm Enventys, open innovation Web portal Edison Nation, and the PBS television series Everyday Edisons. Contact him at
jimmy neutron Lighting the World of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Tom Wright, Computer Graphics Learning Center (CGLC)
An in depth look at the stylized color palette used to bring the world of Jimmy Neutron to life. This demonstration will take a shot from the hit Nickelodeon tv show and light it from scratch, showing techniques specific to production lighting. See how color, contrast and light composition are used to focus attention and create emotion. Then see how the elements are composited together with extra control for last minute changes.
ampmobile How’s and Why’s of Electric Vehicles
Mike Moore of Ampmobiles Conversions
During this session, attendees will be introduced to the differences in Electric Vehicle systems, descriptions of batteries used in transportation, and much more. Interesting if you‘re curious, excellent if your serious about electric vehicles and conversions.
matt spangardThe Great Idea Revolution Will Be Televised and Broadcast Online
Matt Spangard, Co-Executive Producer of PBS' invention reality series, Everyday Edisons; Co-Founder of Web 2.0 community for idea people, Edison Nation and Partner of integrated product design and engineering firm, Enventys.

Ever think of a million dollar idea? We all have. What did you do with it? Most people are either too intimidated or just don't know what to do after that initial spark. Everyday Edisons and Edison Nation are revolutionizing the product development cycle and traditional process of innovation. Find out how modern day Edisons - just like you - are successfully taking their ideas to market with no experience in the traditional product development process.
cpcc_engineering.jpg Design Learning Workshop
Terence J. Fagan, CPCC Engineering Technologies
This session introduces the audience to the engineering design process of a cardboard rocking chair. Engineering students will present their design and cardboard rocking chairs. The chair is only made out of cardboard, no fasteners or other materials are used. This is a hands on workshop so be prepared to draw, cut and fabricate a scaled version of your own design. The participants completing the workshop will: Gain insight into the engineering design process. Use engineering sketching techniques in a design process. Use their hands to build mock up cardboard rocking chairs.
  • When: 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm
  • Where: Room 1302 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend this session for your opportunity to win great door prizes!
cpcc elearningThe 1st Annual CPCC eLearning Conference: e-Learning, Instructional Design, and Instructional Technologies Training
CPCC Instructional Development and eLearning
CPCC's eLearning and Instructional Development area will be hosting its first annual "eLearning Conference" as a webinar during TGF2008. Sessions covering learning systems, online teaching, and emerging instructional technologies will be hosted on-campus and also live broadcasted via the Internet. A full schedule of offerings is listed below. We encourage education professionals, faculty, and those interested in distance learning to attend and participate.
  • When: 2:00 pm - 4:15 pm
  • Where: Rooms 1306, 1307, and 1408 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend these outstanding sessions for your opportunity to win great door prizes!
  • CPCC employees who register will receive PD credit for attending
Webcasting and Lecture Capture With Mediasite
Sonic Foundry
Mediasite captures your knowledge as it's naturally shared, when and where it happens - in meetings, training, or class - and delivers that critical information over the web to the people who need it. Instantly. It automatically webcasts you and your materials over the internet, where people can then watch in real-time or later on-demand through any web browser.
  • When: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Where: Room 1408 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend this session for your opportunity to win an Apple iPod and other great door prizes!
  • CPCC employees who register will receive PD credit for attending
game makerInstructional Video Game Design With Game Maker
Presented by Daniel Ascher
CPCC Simulation and Game Development
Are you interested in incorporating video games into your class? Would you like to know how to develop your own games? Attend this session and we will show you how to create a simple point-and-click video game using a free development software application called Game Maker. Additionally, we will show you how to take the concepts demonstrated and apply them toward creating an educational learning game. 
blackboardOnline Course Development With Blackboard: Online Assessments Techniques
Catalina Ramirez, Instructional Developer
CPCC Instructional Development and eLearning
How do you assess your students in your face to face class? How could you effectively transfer some of those techniques into the online environment? What tools does Blackboard offer to asses students? This demonstration will cover the following tools: PART 1 -Quizzes and tests, PART 2 -View/Complete Assignments, PART 3 –Graded Discussion Board 
social networkingSocial Networking in Education: Collaborate, Communicate and Connect with your students! It’s easy if you YouTube, Facebook and MySpace
Scarlett Hollingsworth, Instructional Developer
CPCC Corporate and Continuing Education
According to the Horizon Advisory Board, the renewed emphasis on collaborative learning is pushing the educational community to develop new forms of interaction and assessment. The way we work, collaborate, and communicate is evolving as boundaries become more fluid and globalization increases. According to last year’s Horizon Report, this is still having enduring impact and continues to expand learning and creative possibilities. - “The Horizon Report 2008
googleGoogle Me Elmo
Farhad Javidi, CPCC
Chair of Simulation & Game Development program
Chair of Simulation, Modeling and Visualization Center
There are many Google tools we already know about: Google Desktop, Blogger, News, Calendar, Notebook, Gadgets, Earth, Gmail, Hello, PAck, Screensaver, Picasa, SketchUp, Talk, Video Player, Docs, iGoogle, gmail, Scholar, Gtalk, Image Labeler, moon and youTube to name a few. But tech savvy educators are always looking for the next best tools, and Google doesn’t disappoint. Rumors about new Google tools abound. Everyone wants to know what the company’s doing in 3D virtual environments, social communities and TV. In this session, participants will uncover Google’s more mysterious tools and learn how to use them in the classroom.
  • When: 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
  • Where: Room 1408 of CPCC's Levine Campus
  • Attend this session for your opportunity to win great door prizes!
  • CPCC employees who register will receive PD credit for attending
moodleOnline Course Development With Moodle: Design Your Course to Maximize Learning
Lane Grann-Stahl, Instructional Developer
CPCC Instructional Development and eLearning
e-Learning research is showing that elements of online course design can either enhance or hinder student learning. How do you know if you’re making the right design choices as you develop your online courses? Lane Grann-Stahl, instructional developer, will demonstrate the application of several important research findings that will help you design your online course to maximize student learning. And surprisingly, you may find that you should do less, not more!

labs and demonstrations

Labs, Demonstrations, Simulations, Hands-On Opportunities, etc.

red stormRed Storm Gaming Lab
Hosted by Steve Reid and Randy Greenback of Red Storm Entertainment
Representative from Red Storm will be on-site at TGF and presenting on various gaming and industry-related topics throughout the day. Topics will include: Portfolio review (Art and Design one-on-one sessions), Game design (Building FUN through prototypes and player feedback), Creative Direction (Business collaboration between TEAM and Management), and a "Getting in the Industry" question and answer session.
  • When: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Where: Room 1410 of CPCC's Levine Campus
sgdGot game? Simulation and Game Design
CPCC Simulation and Game Development
Gaming competitions, student-made large screen digital image projectors, robots, programming, geeking, and much more. Stop by and learn about this popular program, compete in games, win prizes! The Simulation and Game Development (A25450) curriculum provides a broad background in simulation and game development with practical applications in creative arts, visual arts, audio/video technology, creative writing, modeling, design, programming and management. Students receive hands-on training in design, 3D modeling, software engineering, database administration and programming for the purpose of creating simulations and games.
This year @ TGF, the SGD program will be displaying a motion capture studio, showing game levels in the newly released game, Little Big Planet, a MMOG being developed by students and other student projects.
  • When: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm +
  • Where: Room 1307 of CPCC's Levine Campus
no photoThe Starsolver Simulator
"The Starsolver Simulator" is an innovative new welding simulation system that uses neural networks to simulate GMAW lap and fillet joints. Taking data from Thousands of weld samples, welding variables are put into the program and it displays the anticipated weld. Liburdi Dimetrics, and orbital welding manufacturer, is demonstrating the program, along with multiple videos of products that are using in the industry.
  • When: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Where: Room 1306 of CPCC's Levine Campus
cpcc automotiveSpeed Geeks
CPCC Transportation Systems Technology / BMW ADP
Come see the latest in automotive technologies and motorsports! CPCC has great resources at the "Joe Hendrick Center for Automotive Technology" and the North Campus Transport Technology Center.

The exhibits will include the following: The dancing 650: Active Roll Stabilization demo. 760: Pairing blue tooth phone and phone book, and a detailed overview of the accessories that makes the 760 our flag ship. Active Steering demo: Displaying the mechanics involved with Active Steering through a video, a sample of the parts involved with the system as well as a demonstration of the operation of active steering. 335 Hard Top Convertible: Demonstration and operation of the convertible top. Valve Tronic Demo: Parts and description of the operation of the valvtronic engines found in our newer BMW's. BUS Systems: A interactive session with one of our bright BMW students whom will explain the network structure within our cars. They will demonstrate messages that are sent from module to module, talks about gateway modules and their purpose, as well as entertain any questions anyone may have relating to those systems. X5 rear camera: Demo and operation of the rear back-up camera. BMW alignments: Demonstration of our most advanced alignment equipment and procedures.
  • When: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Where: Joe Hendrick Automotive building of CPCC's Levine Campus

other stuff

Other Attractions, Festivities, Displays, Organizations, Projects, Cooperatives, Fun, Entertainment, Prizes, Food, Randomness and MORE!  

dellCheck-out the Latest Technologies from Dell 
Dell Computers
From personal computing to small, medium or large business, Dell solutions come fully stocked. Find your solutions with Dell laptops, desktops, monitors, printers and computer accessories. Dell will be at this year's TGF to highlight new systems and consumer technologies. Additionally, stop by their display and ask about student purchasing programs that can get you into great, reliable systems at an outstanding  price!
cpcc simulation, modeling and visualization centerSimulation, Modeling and Visualization Center
CPCC Simulation, Modeling and Visualization Center
The mission of the Simulation, Modeling and Visualization Center is to advance the sciences of simulation, modeling and visualization through promotion, education, training, provision of services, collaboration and product creation, and to use these sciences as alternative learning technologies for the advancement of learning outcomes. The model for the Center follows.
gamer’s edge cyber cafeThe Future of Gaming is Here!
Gamer's Edge Cyber Cafe
Gamer's Edge will be on-site with the latest in video game entertainment, games, systems, tournaments, and more. It's going to be a lot of fun! Gamer's Edge is a premiere cyber gaming café and online gaming lounge (Also known as a "Gaming Center") available to people of all ages and skills (Recommended ages 13+). We host custom built PCs with countless games We strive for leadership among the online gaming community. We host events, LAN parties, tournaments, consoles, lock-ins, and advanced gaming for an all new unique gaming experience. Whether it be for competition, solo gaming, cooperative gaming or the social aspect.
  • Compete in gaming tournaments for your chance to win a  Gamer's Edge gift certificate!
cglcVisual Effects and Animation School
Computer Graphics Learning Center (CGLC)
In order to support the growing computer graphics market in North Carolina, Tom Wright, a visual effects artist who has worked at several academy award winning studios including Dreamworks Animation, Rhythm & Hues and Walt Disney Feature Animation, is creating a visual effects and animation school. The CGLC is focused on CG animation for feature film and will serve as a great finishing school opportunity for CPCC students.
readyanimatorHands-on Animation with ReadyANIMATOR
John Lemmon Films + ReadyANIMATOR
ReadyANIMATOR is a tabletop animation system that makes it easy to create stop motion animation. It will be on-hand for participants to create short stop-motion animations. ReadyANIMATOR was created by John Lemmon Films, a traditional animation studio producing clay animation, 2D animation and stop motion animation for TV commercials and videos. Clients include Disney, Pacific Bell, Cartoon Network.
pig nosePig Nose presents sensation in animation!
Brilliant Class Entertainment Inc. + Minimum Wage Entertainment
Come visit the creators of the crazy cartoon called, The Adventures of Pig Nose. Richard Mills, III owner of Brilliant Class Entertainment Inc. and Jared Witherspoon owner of Minimum Wage Entertainment are the founders, producers, and writers of the revolutionary cartoon brilliance. They are young entrepreneurs that will provide you with all the information needed to bring your animation ideas to life. Richard and Jared will be inviting experienced professionals who will demonstrate graphic design techniques to create animation, cartoon sound effects, and the first stages of illustrating cartoons on paper.
long nowThe Long Now Foundation
The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996* to develop the Clock and Library projects, as well as to become the seed of a very long term cultural institution. The Long Now Foundation hopes to provide counterpoint to today's "faster/cheaper" mind set and promote "slower/better" thinking. We hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years. TGF attendees will have an opportunity to view seminars [visit their web site]
cpcc elearningeLearning and Online Courses
CPCC Instructional Development / eLearning
A display and several sessions will be hosted by CPCC's eLearning area on online course development and management. Educators and college faculty are encouraged to attend. Professional Development credit will be awarded to employees. CPCC offers eLearning courses in a variety of convenient formats to meet the needs of our students: television and video-based telecourses, online Internet-based courses, non-credit training courses and more!
ampmobile Leave The Pump Behind: Gas-To-Electric Vehicle Conversion
Ampmobile Conversions LLC
Ampmobile converts gas powered cars and trucks to totally electric. They also conduct ongoing research, development and education of clean, efficient, and affordable modes of transportation and alternative energies. "We strive to help people help themselves and better the environment." Come by and check-out a model electric-conversion car and attend their presentation session for more information.
ncccs bionetwork"Bio Bus" Mobile Laboratory
NCCCS BioNetwork
The "Bio Bus" will be on-site from the NCCCS BioNetwork. The NCCCS BioNetwork is a statewide initiative that connects community colleges across North Carolina, providing specialized training, curricula and equipment, to develop a world-class workforce for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.
charlotte energy solutionsEnvironmentally Geek-Friendly
Charlotte Energy Solutions
Featuring environmentally friendly automotive and household products including a vegetable oil powered car, Segways, solar backpacks, corn-powered grill, solar tea kettle, power assisted toilet, and much more.
think geekGeek Gear, Gifts, Gadgets + More
Think Geek
ThinkGeek started as a simple idea to create and sell stuff that would appeal to the thousands of people out there who were on the front line and in the trenches as the Internet was forged. From programmers, engineers, students, lovers of open source, to the masses that helped create the behind-the-scenes Internet culture. ThinkGeek started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about technology. This year @ TGF, we have some great door prizes provided to us by the good geeks from Think Geek.
adobeGet Creative With The Right Software Tools
Adobe software and services revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information — anytime, anywhere, and through any medium. Learn more. This year, attend TGF sessions for your opportunity to win some great door prizes and software for Adobe! Also, look for free goodies and demos available near the "Command Center" area.
filmIndie Film and Video
CPCC Videography Program
Independent student films developed by CPCC's Videography program will be displayed throughout the event. They will be bringing films they've produced, great video technologies and equipment, just in time interviews, telecasts and more! Take a moment to come by the videography table for entertainment and program information.
concarolinasSci-Fi Geeks
ConCarolinas, Inc.
ConCarolinas is the fastest growing sci-fi con in the Carolinas. We are primarily a literary con, focusing on the best of what the Carolinas has to offer in the speculative genres - sci-fi, fantasy and horror. We also deal in many of the cutting edge media technologies including podcasts, fan films and vidcasts.
cpcc librariesLibrary Challenge Board
CPCC Libraries
Come see a demonstration of a new learning tool which the library is using in our instruction classes. The Library Challenge Board lets individual students respond to questions with wireless remotes, and compete with each other for the highest score. Play the game to test your knowledge as a CPCC student, and for a chance to win a prize!
cce computer trainingComputer Training
CPCC’s Corporate and Continuing Education
CCE conducts computer training classes for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their skills. The implementation of computer training is an evolving mission. Trends in technology can develop and change rapidly. Our mission is to be there for the technology training needs of our local community. Enrich your life and improve your skill. View our online schedule and register today!

Visit our display and find out about our computer training courses, sign-up for an A+ toolkit Raffle prize, and receive some cool freebies. Also enjoy our side-attractions while one of our students demonstrates Computer Aided Drawing software, and try to guess our Scribbler Robot’s algorithmic pattern.
cpcc information technology departmentInformation Technology
CPCC's Information Technology Division
Do you want to learn and work in the information technology industry? Charles Senn from CPCC's IT Division will be on-site to answer questions and provide literature on CPCC's many different degree and certificate programs. Do you have questions? Do you want to know how to get started? What are the hot jobs in the IT field once you have your degree and / or certifications? Come by and find out for yourself!

Geo Geeks 
CPCC Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
CPCC Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Technology

Check out our latest classes in Geographic Information Systems - Geospatial Technology - The Emerging Technology! Come and Geocache! Use one of our handheld GPS computers to find hidden treasure on the Levine Campus!

  • Ask about participating in a geocache hunt (a computer-led treasure hunt).
chic geek accessoriesChic Geek Accessories
Come by THE Geek Fest Accessories Store and browse through our selection of THE Geek Fest T-shirts and Sleek, Geek Jewelry. Chic Geek Accessories is technology junk that has been recycled, rebooted and enhanced with shiny peripheral components to make funky pendants, earrings, tie tacks, key chains, and more! These items make perfect gifts for the geek who has everything. Prices range from $10 - $35.
forensicsForensics for Everyone
American Academy of Applied Forensics (AAAF)
General & Digital Forensics - The American Academy of Applied Forensics is located at the North Campus in Huntersville. The primary market for the forensic academy is comprised of professionals already working in law enforcement, civilian investigative fields and the medicolegal professionals. Many classes are open to the general public. The academy has over 70 general and digital forensic classes.
teaching and learning commons Teaching and Learning Commons
CPCC Instructional Technology Services
A new technologically driven area in the central campus library has been created to promote collaboration. The 'Learning Commons' is geared toward student collaboration and the 'Teaching Commons' is geared for instructors who are in need of a collaborative space to work on digital projects. These two areas are on central campus, and there is a possibility other campuses will be able to designate 'commons' areas in the future.  
engineeringEngineering Ideas To Reality
CPCC Engineering Technology
The Engineering Technology Programs at CPCC provide 12 different state of the art learning paths to modern work life in the technical field. All the programs provide a well rounded know-how for students to succeed in today’s competitive job market. We have most modern equipment to take advanced ideas into the reality. Come by their display for some great emerging technologies and advanced student projects.
atdComputer Hardware and Security Systems
ATD Computer Solutions
ATD will be showcasing some of the latest in PC hardware, accessories, and security systems.
mentMecklenburg Ear, Nose and Throat
Mecklenburg Ear, Nose and Throat
Visit Mecklenburg ENT's display for demonstrations of newer hearing aid technologiesincluding: receiver in the canal and streaming to bluetooth electronics.
weldingHigh Tech Metal
James Turner Institute of Welding Technology
The CPCC welding program will be putting a newer "geeky" spin on a trade with deep roots and great history. The Welding Technology curriculum provides students with a sound understanding of the science, technology, and applications essential for successful employment in the welding and metal industry.
weldingThe Black and Tans
CPCC Welding Technology
Visit the "Black and Tans" organization outside for demonstrations of Thermoplastic Metal Manipulation (modern blacksmithing and metal art).
CPCC Welding Technology
Welding Technology and both welding clubs, the American Welding Society and the Black and Tan Club, present a creative new way to post things on the web. Students from CPCC’s Welding Technology program have created an artistic metal and wire web-like structure on which information can be captured and displayed. Check out the world’s only spider web geek.
mecklenburg amateur radio societyAmateur Radio
Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Association
CPCC welcomes MARS of Charlotte to THE Geek Fest! MARS will be demonstrating amateur radio technologies around the Levine campus. Visit their display area outside.
career servicesDiscover a Great Career!
CPCC Career Services
Let Career Services help you plan your career and take your job search to new heights. Experienced Career Counselors assist students with developing effective resumes and savvy interviewing skills, harnessing the latest job search techniques, discovering satisfying career options, and much more.
career transitionsCareer Transitions For The Community
CPCC Career Transitions
Focusing on your career success! Let Career Transitions help you discover satisfying careers that fit your needs. Whether you are making a career change, have been laid-off, are returning to the workforce, or are a high school student who wants to get a head-start on career development, we can help. Life is too short to dread Mondays! Career Transitions is a career service program for community members who are not enrolled in curriculum courses at CPCC.
cooperative educationCo-op and Career Services: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
CPCC Cooperative Education
Earn While You Learn -- In Cooperative Education you will gain career-related work experience, receive academic credit, explore career possibilities, and find paid and unpaid positions in your field. Find out about co-op and how you can get academic credit while working with an employer in a position directly related to their field of study.
designDesigner Geeks
CPCC Advertising and Graphic Design
The Advertising + Graphic Design program ("Where all the cool kids are!") is all about creating Big Ideas. See samples of our student's work and learn more about where the program is heading in the future. Plus, learn about our new CCE course in Creating Comic Books and Graphic Novels.
cpcc disability servicesServices, Resources, and Technologies For Students with Disabilities
CPCC Disability Services
Disability Services provides comprehensive and innovative accommodations to assist students with disabilities in meeting their academic and career goals. Disability Services are available to students with a hearing, learning, physical, medical, visual, or psychological/psychiatric disability.
cpcc information technology servicesThe College Geeks
CPCC Information Technology Services
We are committed to providing the college community with the highest possible quality of service through the implementation, advancement, and support of technology. We provide support of departmental and site-licensed applications, as well as those developed in-house. Training and support of college wide programs, such as the CPCC Login, Blackboard/Moodle, and the Student Email System - Gmail is also provided through IT Services. We also provide consultation services to help you determine technology solutions appropriate for your needs.

Please note that this information including times, locations, titles, and descriptions are subject to change. Check the site frequently for updates and also look for an up-to-date schedule at the event.