Schedule of Festivities

Below is a simplified matrix of THE Geek Fest 2007 activities and sessions throughout the day. More information about each session can be found in the "Highlights and Presenters" area or by clicking on the session's title.

Schedule of Activities and Sessions

Title Type Begins Ends Room
Learn, Share, and Collaborate! (Learning Objects, Inc.) Break-Out 9:30am 10:15am 1302
eLearning Training for Educators (Instructional Development) Break-Out 10:15am 12:15pm 1301
Conservation Geography: GIS, Computer Mapping, and Activism (ESRI) Speaker 10:30am 11:15am 1233
Apple OS X Leopard (Apple Computer) Break-Out 10:30am 11:15am 1306
Sustainability Driving Technology Speaker 11:30am 12:15pm 2150
Apple iLife 2008 (Apple Computer) Break-Out 11:30am 12:15pm 1306
Becoming an "Everyday Edison" - How to progress from ideas to innovations. Keynote 12:30pm 1:30pm 2150
Free screening of "Who Killed the Electric Car" Film 1:00pm - 1307
Emerging Trends in Energy Consumption Speaker 2:00pm 2:45pm 2150
eLearning Training for Educators  (Instructional Development) Break-Out 2:00pm 4:00pm 1301
Video Webcasting With Mediasite (Sonic Foundry) Break-Out 2:00pm 2:45pm 1306

One Box to Search Them All (CPCC Libraries)

Break-Out 3:00pm 4:00pm 1307
Free screening of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" Film 3:00pm - 1306