The Digital Age

The Digital Age: Teaching and Learning for Tomorrow Today

Dr. Mark S. Benno

Businesses today are looking for students who can do much more than physical labor or data crunching. Students need to be prepared with a new suite of skills for the Digital Age. To meet the needs of tomorrow’s businesses, they need to be able to manipulate the tools of multimedia and the Internet, and to be engaged in evaluation and synthesis through project design and implementation.

For years we have worked toward computer access and connectivity. But now that we have spent time and money, it is apparent that hardware and connectivity alone will not make the improvement in education that we were hoping to see.

How can we, as educators, adapt our instructional approaches to best meet the needs of today’s students? What should instruction look like when technology is integrated appropriately into a curriculum? What should learning look like in that same environment?

The potential for teaching and learning for tomorrow is extremely high. Learn how to get there – today!


Dr. Mark S. BennoMARK S. BENNO, PH.D. is an Education Development Executive for Apple Computer in Florida. In this role he helps people to envision and develop effective technology integration programs. He likes to challenge people to exceed their dreams; professional development is his passion. Most of his work over the past fourteen years has been in faculty development (for educators of students in preschool - graduate school). Among other places, he has worked at Nolan Middle School in Killeen ISD in Texas, Hillcrest PDS, a professional development school for Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and Tech4Learning in San Diego.

As a speaker, Mark addresses educators nationwide on the future of technology and education and how students today impact our educational systems. He also leads workshops that explore curriculum integration, technology planning, film production in the classroom, digital photography, clay animation, and video conferencing applications for grades K - 12. He has delivered keynotes in 35 states, Australia and New Zealand.

Mark completed his Ph.D. in technology and teacher education, with a minor in curriculum and instruction, at Mississippi State University in 2000. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator from the class of ’99 and is writing his third book. Mark is also past president of the Texas Association for Educational Technology (TAET).

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