Schedule of Festivities

Below is a simplified matrix of THE Geek Fest 2006 activities and presentations throughout the day. More information about each session can be found in the "Highlights and Presenters" area or by clicking on the session's title.

Schedule of Sessions

Presentation Title Type Begins Ends Room
Moodle Your Noodle Breakout 10:00am 10:45am 1302
Library 2.0: Connect, Educate, Communicate Breakout 10:00am 10:45am 1307
Educators of The Carribean Breakout 10:00am 10:45am 1408
How to Mediasite Your Presentation Breakout 11:00am 11:45am 1408
From High-Tech to Human Touch Breakout 11:00am 11:45am 1306
Big Brother Is Watching Your Games Breakout 11:00am 11:45am 1307
GIS Is More Than Just Maps Breakout 12:00pm 12:45pm 2150
The Digital Media Lifestyle Breakout 12:00pm 12:45pm 1408
Games For The Visually Impaired Breakout 12:00pm 12:45pm 1306
The Digital Age: Teaching and Learning for Tomorrow Today Keynote 1:00pm 2:00pm 2150
Apple For Educators: Podcasting and Beyond Breakout 2:15pm 3:00pm 1408
Do You Conform To SCORM? Breakout 2:15pm 3:00pm 2150
Sakai and The Futures Institute Breakout 3:15pm 4:00pm 2150