Sakai and The Futures Institute

Butch Porter

Butch Porter, Founder and CEO of Optimized Learning Inc. (OLi) has been in the educational community for over fifteen years. He has seen firsthand the explosive growth of technology in education serving in leadership positions for Harcourt Brace, Prentice Hall, Allyn and Bacon, and Blackboard. Butch created OLi to provide schools with the open source support they need to embrace technology that is being built “by educators for education”. Optimized Learning is a North Carolina based company specializing in open source course management systems, portals, portfolios and email solutions.

Session Information

Sakai and The Futures Institute – how CPCC is exploring opportunities that provide collaboration and customization. OLi will be proudly joined by CPCC’s Sakai Team of Catalina Ramirez and Rebecca Fagan.

This fall CPCC is piloting the Sakai open source course management system in a program sponsored by the Futures Institute. The Futures Institute has integrated publisher’s content into Sakai and has built what some experts are calling “one of the best courses available to see the functionality of Sakai.”

Sakai is used on hundreds of campuses throughout the United States. Colleges and Universities have banded together to build educational tools that meet the needs of today’s educators while providing them an alternative to expensive, non-flexible commercial companies.

With the mergers and litigations happening in the on-line learning space today, come by and see how CPCC is examining alternatives.

This session will also be attended by Rebecca Fagan and Catalina Ramirez, two of the team members from CPCC using Sakai this fall.