Event Goals

The Geek Fest promotes many CPCC initiatives alongside those of innovative organizations and industry. This year we intend to expand both the exposure and benefits of TGF so that it attracts and keeps a larger public base and serves as a fund raising vehicle for the college. To accomplish this goal we intend to:
  • Increase internal partnerships and their contributions to the success of The Geek Fest.
  • Increase contributions of external partners through a variety of capacities including event sponsorships, workshops, keynote speakers and career/job opportunities. 
  • Increase cooperation between students, faculty, staff, organizations, programs, classrooms, departments, divisions, campuses and industry. 
  • Modernize our promotional and marketing efforts through the employment of high impact displays designed. This initiative is being funded by an Innovation Grant and manufactured through joint collaborations with faculty and students from various CPCC programs. 
  • Increase awareness of The Geek Fest through new electronic media outlets such as pod casts, video casts, internet advertising and blogs. 
  • Increase cooperation with partners; Futures Institute, Student Life, Instruction and Distance Learning. 
  • Act as good stewards with new sources of funding provided via Innovation Grant 
  • Bring together diverse and disparate activities from divergent programs and divisions in a harmonious network of cooperation and self help.