TEAS Procedures

CPCC Central Campus
Central High building room 248
TEAS Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9:30AM and 1:30PM

by appointment only



The TEAS test is an admissions test used for admittance into the Health Careers programs.  Due to the difficulty of the test and competitive nature of the programs, it is recommended that you speak to an academic advisor or Health Careers faculty member to make sure TEAS is right for you.


*TEAS Version V will retire on August 30, 2016.  Effective August 31, 2016, students will take the ATI TEAS.  If you are testing after August 30, 2016, you will take the ATI TEAS and use the ATI TEAS study guide (NOT the TEAS Version V study guide).  Additional information can be found here.



Health Careers Webpage

For more information about each program, check out the Health Careers webpage. Please take your time and explore the programs.

TEAS Test Prep!!

Don't wait! Start studying for the TEAS, today. For more information on preparing for your TEAS exam, please visit www.CollegiateTestPrep.com.


TEAS Registration Steps.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!

1.  Review the admissions application for your specific health program  carefully!

2.  If after careful review of the application you feel you are eligible and prepared to take the TEAS...

3.  Create a "TEAS Student Account" @ www.atitesting.com.  The TEAS website is geared towards nursing, so if you're testing for another health program, don't let that confuse you.  Use your CPCC ID number when creating your account. Leaving the ID Number field blank may cause processing delays.

4.  REMEMBER the TEAS username and password you just created.

5.  Complete the TEAS permission form if you are applying for a CPCC program: Permission Forms

6.  Pay $68* non-refundable TEAS fee at Central Campus Cashier's Office on day of test.  Test must be taken on day of payment.

7.  Bring permission form and receipt, along with valid photo ID, to the Central Campus Testing Center (CH-248).

About the TEAS

8.  The CPCC Testing Center administers the ATI TEAS.

9.  The TEAS consists of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English & Language Usage.

10.  Each section is timed.  The total time for the test is 3 1/2 hours.

11.The Testing Center will provide scratch paper, which is collected at end of testing session.

12. PERSONAL CALCULATORS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  A calculator is embedded within the test.

13. If testing for a school other than CPCC, you must contact ATI to have your scores sent to the school of your choice.

14. If you took the TEAS at a different school and would like your results transferred to CPCC, please contact ATI.  ATI will send your official results to the CPCC Testing Center.  Once received, the Testing Center may print a copy of your scores for you. Valid photo ID will be required.  It is highly recommended that you update your TEAS account with your CPCC ID.  Scores received without a CPCC ID number may cause a delay in processing.  Please confirm the Testing Center has received your scores.

15. TEAS study materials can be found by clicking HERE. Sufficient preparation is strongly recommended.

16. ***Students may retake the TEAS once every three months with a maximum of three takes in one yearScheduling multiple testing appointments within a three month period may cause the latest scheduled appointment(s) to be removed.***

17. By scheduling your TEAS appointment, you acknowledge your understanding of the above and feel you are prepared to take the TEAS at CPCC.  When scheduling your test, Click SUBMIT only once on the registration form. To confirm or cancel an appointment, please email testingcenter@cpcc.edu.  DO NOT schedule multiple appointments for the same day.

It is extremely important that you carefully follow the above instructions before scheduling the TEAS.

TEAS Registration Button

*When scheduling your TEAS, please enter your date of birth using the following format xx/xx/xxxx


*TEAS fee will increase to $68 effective 9/5/2017.

*Students may retake the TEAS once every three months with a maximum of three takes in one year.

*The TEAS is a high demand test.  Testing Center volume increases substantially prior to semester breaks, end of terms, during registration periods, and as program deadlines approach.  Plan accordingly to avoid testing delays.

*In the event of inclement weather or other emergency situations, please listen to area radio and television stations or call 704-330-6888 for announcements regarding the operation of the College.  When the College closes, all classes are cancelled and testing appointments will need to be rescheduled.