Take the CPCC Placement Test at a Remote Location

Guidelines for Taking the CPCC Placement Test at a Remote Location

Students unable to take the placement test at a CPCC campus may arrange for remote testing by following the steps listed, below. Fees for remote testing (if any) are the student’s responsibility.

  1. If you have taken the placement test for CPCC before, verify you are eligible to retest by
    viewing our retest policy (located on our website).
  2. Contact a local educational institution or military facility to determine if qualified* test center personnel are willing to administer the placement test to you in their testing center.  Because the CPCC placement test is administered online, it is not necessary for that college or facility to be a user of the CPCC placement test.
  3. Complete the “Request to Take the CPCC Placement Test at a Remote Location” form below.
  4. CPCC will provide the designated proctor with a security agreement form to be completed and returned.
  5. After receiving the proctor security agreement, CPCC will provide the proctor with instructions for administering the placement test.
  6. Test at the date and time mutually-arranged between you and the proctor.
  7. Advise us when you have completed your test.

Proctor Qualifications

  • Familiar with accepted practices for administering standardized tests
  • Has no vested interest in the student’s scores
  • Is not related to the student
  • Is employed by an educational institution or military facility


Please complete the form below to schedule the Placement Test at a remote location.