Placement Testing Tips


  1. See what the test is like by taking a practice test
  2. Get plenty of rest the night before your testing appointment.
  3. Make sure you eat a good breakfast or lunch prior to taking the test.
  4. A photo ID is required to take the placement test.  Bring a photo ID (preferably your CPCC student ID) to your testing appointment.
  5. Take the test seriously.  You will be placed into classes based on your results.
  6. Permission to retest is not automatic.  Do your best the first time!



  • The test is computerized.
  • With the exception of the essay (2 hr limit), each section is untimed.  Allow 3 hours to take the complete battery of tests.
  • Once a question is answered, it cannot be changed.
  • Calculators and dictionaries are NOT allowed.  Some questions allow the use of the placement test calculator, which is built into the test.  Personal calculators are NEVER allowed.  The Windows calculator is NEVER allowed.
  • Work by yourself.